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WintermodeHow do I wash and care for my favorite cuddly sweater?

In winter we want to have it nice and warm, which is why cuddly knitwear becomes our faithful companion in everyday life and on festive occasions. In addition to the right styling, we wish for our laundry that the fine materials remain supple and no nodules are formed - especially in our sensitive favorite pieces!

What do I have to pay attention to, so that my favorite scarf looks nice after the wash?
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  1. So you combine your favorite trick for every occasion
  2. The problem with proper wool care
  3. What can the new Perwoll detergent do?

So you combine your favorite trick for every occasion

Like every year at this time, it gets a bit cooler with each passing day. Cuddly sweaters, cardigans, scarves & Co. are therefore back in high season and are faithful companions for long winter walks, cozy evenings on the sofa or on ski holidays.

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If you do not want to freeze, cuddle yourself into several layers of fine coarse and fine knitwear and, thanks to the trendy cocooning look, even become a real trendsetter.

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With a beautiful blouse, the outfit quickly becomes ready to go, so that we can look good in meetings & Co. too. In the evening, a fine silk blouse under the coarse-knit cardigan in combination with beautiful suede overknees creates a glamorous appearance.

The problem with proper wool care

But at the latest when it comes to washing, there is this uncertainty, as wool sweaters & Co. should actually be cleaned: Can my favorite cuddly really in the machine? How do I avoid being matted or even infiltrated? And how do I actually get rid of those annoying lint and little pimples? Can I wash silk in the machine at all? Or do I actually have to wash everything by hand to maintain the shape? Many questions, one answer: use special wool detergent, such as: B. Perwoll Wool & Fine Fiber Care 3D and wash at the lowest temperature in the washing machine!

Also great this winter: cuddly coarse knit!

What can the new Perwoll detergent do?

The new formula with active anti-static active ingredient is even more effective! It ensures that fine fabrics remain supple, no knots are formed and our hot-loving cuddly knit keeps its shape. As an icing on the cake, an improved scent ensures that unpleasant smells, which can quickly appear after washing with wet wool textiles, have absolutely no chance. We think that these are the best prospects for wool and fine and are already looking forward to the next winter, because we are sure to get our warm clothes out of the closet again.

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