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Sarah Biasini talks about Romy's legacy

The daughter of Romy Schneider

A look into their eyes would still let the world stand still for a moment. Romy Schneider († 43) is remembered almost 30 years after her untimely death on May 29, 1982. Above all, she lives on in the heart of daughter Sarah Biasini (34). Now the young actress wants to pass on the secret legacy of Mama.

She was allowed to have her mother for only five years, she says. Yet it was rich years teaching them that love goes beyond death is stronger than it.

"It is very sad that my mother died so early. But I was spoiled with love. There are children who have much more to endure. I was very lucky, "said Sarah Biasini .

The picture-perfect daughter wants to show how her mother really was in a photo book, which will soon be published in France and also in Germany. Tell everything about her. As we learned, it contains secret documents and unknown photographs of the grandiose actress. We researched.

Sarah Biasini, who has not only inherited the laughter from her mom, explains: "People should be overwhelmed by Romy Schneider's grace and beauty, by her life with all his drama." She is so proud of her mom today. Tragic: Romy Schneider lost the courage to die much too soon after the death of her son David († 14), who died playing.

In Sarah Biasini, however, the wonderful memories of a radiant Romy Schneider live on. To this day she owns a medallion that shows the picture of her young mother. Perhaps a small consolation for Sarah Biasini, who comes from Romy's second divorced marriage (1975 to 1981) with Daniel Biasini (62).

But not only the jewel, especially the common experiences she treasures like a treasure: "I remember the breakfast in bed, on tickling, hide-and-seek, on fun boxing matches." Moments in which Romy Schneider played no role, was allowed to be as she really was: a loving mom! Sensations, which also influenced Sarah, gave her support. Besides these many beautiful moments, above all, death burned deep into her memory. To this day, Sarah Biasini believes to have seen her dying mother surrounded by paramedics through the keyhole. She was not there at all! Childlike fantasy? A psychic experience? It will probably always be a mystery. Today, the adult Sarah Biasini knows: "My mom was strong and fragile at the same time." And so, with all her beauty and love, she will carry her forever in her heart.