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Square living room window

Living situation: Square living room windows
Photo: Living idea

Panel curtains & folding blinds

Big black holes - these are many windows in the dark season. Because as beautiful as they can be without curtains in the summer, they seem so uneasy in winter. Especially the windows from the 60s and 70s with their large, not subdivided windows should be decorated, so they do not look bald.

It does not have to look plush, as evidenced by these combinations of pleated blinds and fragrant curtains. The folding shutters are inward, toward the room, delicately purple, on the other hand, white on the street side. Their honeycomb-like design gives them volume, at the same time as the drawstring remains invisible because it runs between the two layers of fabric.

In keeping with the folding shutters, the white curtains were hung with purple ties on a single-barreled nickel bar. In terms of color, the moderately rectilinearly designed room is limited to a few tones suitable for window decoration.

Decorative and practical is the suspension of the curtain with ribbons on the shiny pole. Point of view at its end: a small ball of satined crystal glass. In addition: the honeycomb structure of the two-tone folding blinds, which even have a thermal insulation effect through their air chambers.

Manufacturer: Curtain fabric: Gardisette. Faltstore: Teba. Curtain rod set: Interstil. Carpet: JAB ANSTOETZ Rugs. Seating furniture: Global. Floor lamps: ligne roset, roset furniture. Shelves, beige pillows: Ikea. Coffee tables: Yellow. Purple Cushion, Wooden Bowl, Plaid: Lizzart Living. Purple Vase: One-Two-Three. Colored boxes: Butlers. Large vase (on the shelf): The laundry. Window handle: Hewi.

A little bit of hip retro style and spring-fresh colors: The emphasized modern atmosphere in this living space is characterized by the panel curtains, which can cover the large windows in different formations. Three different fabrics were combined: most striking are the striped tracks with semi-transparent, circular "peepholes"; the monochrome green and white curtains are color coordinated.

Panel curtains work best when they are room-high : that's why the three-track rail is directly attached to the ceiling, concealed by a superior aluminum cover, which continues as a style element throughout the room. The furniture, such as the small green rocking stool, the unusual coffee table and the white armchair with round seat and back cushions with idiosyncratic shapes, respond to this eye-catching window decoration.

Outlook pleasing? The semi-transparent round "peepholes" in the striped fabric allow a view into the green even with closed curtains. All panel curtains in this room are custom-made.

Manufacturer: Fabrics for panel curtains: Gardisette. Carpet: JAB ANSTOETZ Rugs. Sofa, green armchair: Softline. White armchair: BoConcept. Coffee table, TV-bank, wall cupboard, glasses: Ikea. TV set: OTTO. Parquet (walnut): Parador. Floor lamp: Foscarini. Plaid: Cani Collection. High vase, tray: Lizzart Living. White Vases: Butlers. Round Tealight Candlesticks: One-Two-Three. Glass jug: Leonardo.

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