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Buffet table for the football party

  • 1 dining table
  • 1 green tablecloth (eg from Green Gate)
  • Crepe paper in black, red and yellow
  • 1 etager
  • small plates in matching colors for cheese snacks
  • Deko Germany flag (department store or party supplies)
  • Individual decoration elements and party accessories such as wheat beer glasses, snack cans
  • scissors


Table provided with the blanket.

2. From the crepe paper each cut a 12 cm wide strip and in the correct order (black, red, gold) across the table, so hang down on the both sides bands in the length of the ceiling on the table.

3. Garnish cheese cubes with flags and spread on the plates.

4. Fill the cake with sweets in black (licorice), red (candies) and gold (chips).

5. Put more things on the table and decorate.