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For plus-size-bathing swimwear for chubby - that's what you

The holiday is booked and only the right swimwear for the beach is missing? Here are shopping and styling tips for plus-size women.

Swimsuit and dress in one: bathing suit, about 60 euros, Ulla Popken
Photo: Ulla Popken

Stop the hiding! Even beyond size 38, we enjoy carefree hours on the beach and in the sun. The demands on the swimwear for chubby are no different, as for small sizes: they should sit naturally, support the chest and not cut in the butt. So far so good!

Every woman wants to show herself on the beach from her chocolate side. Sure, that as supposed "vulnerabilities" trying to conceal. A tummy, strong thighs, a heavy breasts, too round a buttocks ... there is much that we like to grouch ourselves. Luckily, there are swimwear tailored to the individual needs of women - and get the most out of our figure.

Swimsuit for chubby : Plus size women have to pay attention

1. Basically swimsuits hide more than bikinis. However, if you do not want to do without the two-parter on the beach, the best way to go for a high-waist panties . Here, the body center is optically brought up and a tummy is miraculously weggeshapet thanks to the material.

2. A large breast always tolerates a bit more hold. When buying, make sure that the tops of swimsuit, bikini or tankini have an integrated cup with straps that will shape beautifully. Wide straps help to keep the chest in addition. So everything is supported and does not cut into the skin.

3. Smart gathers and wrap-arounds can also conceal and hide problem areas - for example, on the stomach - and thus form a nice waist. Let swimwear with ruffles and Co. in the store confidently left. No matter where they are sewn on, they definitely wear and are suitable for very slim women with little curves.

4. Dark tones always make you look slimmer than bright ones. Therefore, Plus Size swimwear is recommended in blue, dark green or black . Colored accents may be - yes, in summer - of course, too. Thus, black side parts to a colorful center of the body are getting slimmer. Alternatively, get the portion of summer color with colorful accessories, such as a sunhat or a pareo.

5. Do you have strong hips or thighs? Stay away from panties, even if you feel attracted to the beach. The straight cut panties make you visually wider and your legs look shorter. Better: choose panties with a high cut leg. That stretches visually. Alternatively, take the bathing suit. These are often a-line cut and flatter the figure.

To your holiday happiness is missing only beautiful swimwear in large sizes? Here are a few models for every taste for Nachshoppen: