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Living walls - Tips for buying

The variety of furniture elements is huge. To help you make the right choice, here are some helpful clues.

A 3-D sketch shows very vividly on the screen what the wall might look like
Photo: Pattern ring

The most important question beforehand, on which the whole design depends significantly: What do you want to accommodate everything? For example, if you own beautiful but delicate collectibles, illuminated glass showcases are recommended. Should the television and playback devices accommodate, space must be provided for it. Heavy objects and books need shelves with extra strong floors.

Our tip: Make a checklist with all your wishes, so that the dealer can advise you correctly. Also a sketch or a photo of the whole room is helpful. In the furniture store can be difficult to judge in view of the large supply, which of these really fits at home. Therefore let yourself be made by the dealer by computer a realistic drawing of the furniture system with all variants - this makes the choice easier. And another important point: Find out if you can buy all the elements of the system, if the living room wall is to be extended later.

The mix does it

The material mix makes the difference: clear and frosted glass, lacquer, metal, light and dark, discreet and heavily grained woods enter into an exciting connection. In addition, you can set animating accents with colors. In addition to the usual system of vertical cheeks, with shelves and cabinet elements in between, box modules are available. There are also extended shelves and sideboards - available in different heights and depths and always based on an expandable grid pattern. Another component of the design are panels. On the flat wooden walls, small elements such as shelves or brackets can be attached. And even the flat screen can be attached to wall panels so that the cables disappear invisibly.

Lock things

Doors are also an integral part of playing on all fronts. The normal door has now received competition: Sliding doors are currently in high demand. Your advantage: They can be moved vertically or horizontally and can cover different areas alternately. In addition, they take up little space when opening. Alternative: flaps that swing up or down.

Individual adaptation

For problematic room dimensions, such as sloping ceilings, many manufacturers offer a height adjustment, and corner solutions are feasible. Uneven ground can usually be compensated by adjustable feet in high-quality furniture programs.

The comfortable details are the icing on the cake wall. Here are some examples: Insertable supports prevent books falling over again and again. For large volumes, fans can be integrated that are tall, but narrow and ensure good footing. According to requirements equipped divisions in drawers help to keep small items clearly in order. Pleasant is a self-closing, then a small push enough for the drawers to close gently. Sliding doors sound silently thanks to insulation, and doors that can be opened more than 90 degrees make access easier.

Not only the structure and the material mix determine the look of a living room wall, but also the integrated light sources - and that in an effective way. If collectibles are to be displayed effectively, indoor illuminated showcases are ideal. Gentle all-round lighting is obtained with a light source behind satined glass. On the other hand, spotlights embedded in shelves provide for targeted points of light. The cables for this are routed invisibly in channels to the socket.