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Marie from Denmark is pregnant!

Marie from Denmark is pregnant
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Baby Race

A message - quite to the liking of all Blaublut fans: After Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, the next royal princess, Marie von denmark, is coming! Thus, there is something like a baby race in the Royals again. But stop - Marie of Denmark may have won in advance. Her second child is supposed to be born beretis in January, whereas Victoria will not be born until March.

Nevertheless, the mothers will provide at least in the media a charming contest. The questions that move everyone will be: who looks happiest in the next few months, who works most diligently, who wears the most beautiful pregnancy fashion? My tip: Both princesses will look happy as soon as their pregnancies run smoothly. In terms of work, however, Victoria will be ahead. She has already announced that she wants to go through her packed program full time this year. As far as the importance of the babies in Spe is concerned, Victoria is also ahead, because this is her first child . It will thus rank in the line of succession right after the mum. That is, if Sweden adheres to the monarchy as a form of government, in March 2012 in Stockholm, a future queen or a future king will see the light of day. Unlike Marie of Denmark . For her and Prince Joachim it is the child number two (after Henrik, born in May 2009). However, in the succession to the throne it lands on the hopeless place ten - after Crown Prince Frederik and his four children and after Joachim, whose two children from his first marriage and brother Henrik.

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