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Knitting instructionsKnitting this long scarf for the winter

This extra long scarf in medium gray is a must-have for the winter. With this great guide you can easily knit it.

Photo: Schachenmayr

You need this:
Approximately 36 cm wide and 200cm long

  • From Milward knitting needles 12, 0 mm
  • A woolen needle to sew the threads
  • Schachenmayr Soft Mix, 25 g balls 45% polyamide, 30% alpaca and 25% pure new wool, running length 25 g = 113 m

Color 00090 (medium gray) balls 11
Check the bands and use only balls of the same color lot.
The material consumption can vary from person to person.


Attention: The yarn is processed 3-ply.

Cast on D36 sts and knit as follows: Knit 3 sts in stocking sts, knit 30 sts in cuff, starting with 2 sts on right and ending with 2 sts on right, 3 sts in margin. After 12 cm cuff, continue kirting to the right, knitting 3 sts each at R-start and R-end as before. When piece measures 176 cm, knit as follows: 3 sts in patch, 30 sts in rib, start with 2 sts on right and finish with 2 sts on right, 3 sts in margin. Then cast off all sts loose. Total length = 200 cm.

1Tighten the scarf, moisten and let it dry. Sew all threads with the wool needle.

Knitting tension:
Kraus right (3 strands): 11 M and 16 R = 10 cm x 10 cm
If the mesh size is different, use thicker or thinner needles.

basic techniques

Cuff Pattern: Knit 2 sts to the right, 2 sts to the left. In reverse, knit the sts as they appear.

Kraus right: Knit all the sts on the right and the back.

Throw 1 st : 1 st as off to the left, keeping the thread in front of work.

Patternand: The Patentrand is knitted over 3 sts.
Unless otherwise stated, the edge is knitted on both sides.

In Hinr: Knit the first 3 sts at the beginning of the R and the last 3 sts at the R-end as follows: 1 st in the right, 1 st in the end, 1 st in the right.

In RS: Knit 1 st on right and 1 st on right. Knit 1 st on right and 1 st on RS . The Patentrand should be worked loosely, while the thread float at the lifted M not tighten too tight, so that the edge remains elastic.

Here it goes to the knitting font.

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