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Deposed dog is rescued from dumpster

Photo: Facebook / Linda Li

Delivered without protection

On a harmless walk, two Italian women hear the whimpering of a dog. They find the abandoned animal in a dumpster and rescue it.

It would have been bad enough if the poor dog had just been abandoned in the Sicilian town of Messina (Italy). But whoever did not want this animal with him tied his legs together, stuffed it into a garbage bag and threw it into a dumpster.

The dog could not free itself by its own power. The animal must have been desperate. At least that is what the loud whining noises suggest, which make two strollers sit up and take notice.

Emilia Lucchese and her friend Enrica Bianchi take a walk. Suddenly they hear the whine of a dog. When they follow the sounds, they find the injured animal in a dumpster, packed in a garbage bag. Emilia and Enrica do not think and rescue the animal immediately.

Completely dehydrated, the poor dog is far too weak to walk. His rescuers give him water and try to calm him down. The dog's physical condition suggests he was severely abused, according to the Daily Mail.

Contribution by Linda Li.

Emilia and Enrica bring the dog to the vet. By now he is feeling better again. The dog, now named Oliviero, has now found a new home with his rescuers.

Meanwhile, the police are searching for the previous owners. This shocking case of animal cruelty was also received by the media through the public Facebook posts of Emilia and Enrica's rescue.

Contribution by Linda Li.

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