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TrendsScandinavian fashion: Bet that you do not know these labels yet? Until now!

Scandinavian fashion is always in demand everywhere. We introduce you to some of our favorite labels that you may not have known yet. You will also learn what makes the style of the Scandinavians.

Scandinavian fashion is super comfortable and always totally chic
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What do Scandinavian trendsetters like Pernille Teisbaek or Victoria Törnegren have in common? A casual and super trendy sense of style. If you look around the streets of Scandinavian cities, you hardly see a woman who is poorly dressed.

Incidentally, Scandinavians do not just rely on basics - they expertly blend trendy patterns and colors into classics and cool accessories. Due to the sometimes very frosty temperatures in the far north, they are also masters in layering.

We could go on and on forever - but we 'd rather introduce you to some of our favorite labels for Scandinavian fashion. And then it says: Just start styling! So that everything stays pretty, stay with a color family, put the focus on the waist and in case of doubt just try it out. Oh, and do not forget a relaxed smile. This crowns every Skandi style!

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May we introduce: Our favorite labels for Scandinavian fashion

1. The Label Blankens

Blankens was founded in Sweden in 2014 - to make leather shoes, bags and accessories that are super quality. And that were produced under good and fair conditions in Europe. Meanwhile, the label also clothes in the range. High-quality, minimalist basics that can be perfectly combined.

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For example, to the shoes, which seem at first glance classic, but always come up with something special - a visible zipper, an extravagant heel part or contrasting stitching.

Here are a few of our personal favorites from Blankens:

WUNDERWEIB-Scandinavian fashion Blanken

2. Scandinavian fashion: the label Mockberg

We already mentioned that Scandinavians value stylish accessories . So that the latter do not overload the look, they rely on clean pieces.

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This is exactly what the watch label Mockberg creates. Polished stainless steel meets leather - and looks just great on the wrist together. In addition to watches, the label also produces jewelry .

Our favorite: clearly the geometric stud earrings. An absolute eye-catcher!

WUNDERWEIB-Scandinavian fashion Mockberg

3. Scandinavian fashion: the label Elly Pistol

Incidentally, Scandinavian fashion also makes a difference: it sits - comfortably. Sometimes you do not really know if Scandinavians are on their way to yoga or just go drinking in a chic sport leggings matcha latte.

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Anyway, Elly Pistol makes super cool and casual clothes that you can wear for sports and leisure alike. These include, for example, environmentally friendly (!) Hoodies, leggings and sweatshirts.

Of course, you can also shop the relaxed pieces by Elly Pistol :

WUNDERWEIB-Scandinavian fashion Elly-Pistol

4. Scandinavian fashion: the label Flattered

If there is one fashionable principle in Scandinavia, then it is probably this: Never, never slip into broken or badly processed shoes. After all, a shoe can upgrade the entire outfit. The label Flattered produces exactly such foot accompaniment.

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Modern shapes meet high-quality and special materials - and cool colors. Incidentally, the name of the label comes from its first shoe model: Flat ballet slippers, which saw the light of the shoe world in Stockholm in 2013.

What the shoes of Flattered look like? Et voila - pretty stylish, right?

WUNDERWEIB-Scandinavian fashion Flattered

5. Scandinavian fashion: the label Swedish Stockings

It is the small, perhaps unexpected details that make an outfit unique and special. Cool eye-catchers can be created with socks, for example. But not with any. The label Swedish Stockings has really great models in the range - cornflower blue, for example, or which made of mesh.

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The special feature: every product is sustainably produced, using recycled yarn. The tights and socks are also made to wash and to wear much more than once. We think great!

WUNDERWEIB-Scandinavian fashion Swedish Stockings