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Knitting patternWrap cardigan knit

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Size 36/38, 40/42

The figures for size 40/42 are in brackets.

Photo: Lana Grossa / Nicolas Olonetzky

If only one statement is made, this applies to both sizes.


  • Lana Grossa quality "Alta Moda Alpaca" (90% (baby) alpaca, 5% virgin wool (merino), 5% polyamide, LL = approx. 140 m / 50 g): approx. 400 g (400 g) golden brown mottled (Fb 50)
  • Knitting needles No. 5 and 6.

Knötchenrand: The 1st M every R as rechtsstr. dep. The last M every R re str. Note: All margins are working with nodule margin.

Ribs: 1 st, 1 st in opposite sts.

Smooth on: back to back M, back to left sts.

Lifting stitch pattern: After knitting A at the top over 10 sts. The number re outside denotes the Hin-R, li outside the back-R. In height, the 1st and 2nd R 1x str., Then this 2 R fortl. Wdh.

Valance: After knitting B re top str. The numbers on the outside are the Hin-R. In the back-R the M li str. Begin widthwise the margin st with 17 (18) sts before the 1st arrow at the beginning, sts the MS = 16 sts between the arrows 5x, with 2 (3) sts and the margins sts after the 2nd arrow end up. For the sake of clarity, 2 MS are drawn. From the 3rd to the 13th R in every MS for the Volantform as marked M abn. After the 13th R only 4 M are left per MS. At height 1x the 1st - 16th R str.

Stressed Decreases: At the beginning of the R after the 4. 2 sts. On the R-end before the last 4 sts 2 M covered, see explanation of symbols. 1 st is taken off each.

Strengths increased: At the R beginning after the 4th st, at the R-end before the last 4 sts each 1 sts crossed out of the cross thread str.

Stitch: 16.5 sts and 24 rows stocking sts with Nd. No. 6 knitted = 10 x 10 cm.

Back part: 75 (81) M with Nd. Cast on No. 5. First knit 1 back-R rib, starting from edge-M with 1 st, then finish with 1 st in front of edge-st. Then with Nd. No. 6 smoothly continued. After 8 cm = 19 R from stop both sides. for the hip rounds 1 sts under abstr., then in every 4th row 5x 1 st on each side. = 63 (69) M. After 10 cm = 24 R from 1st decrease both. mark the waist. Duplex Bind. for the bevels in the 13th row from mark 1 sts emphasized first, then in every 6th row emphasize 3 times for every 1 st. = 71 (77) M. After 16 cm = 38 R from 1st increase in both. for the armholes 1 sts emphasize abn., then in each 2nd row 4 times 1 st on each side. = 61 (67) M. Now continue straight. In 19 (20) cm = 46 (48) armhole height both. for the shoulder bevels 6 (7) cast off M, then cast off 6 (7) sts each time in every 2nd row. In the following row cast off the remaining 25 sts for the straight neckline edge.

Left front part: First the binding band str. For 10 M with Nd. Cast on No. 6. In the sling pattern arb. After 72 cm from the stop, stop the M and start the front part. For 48 (51) M with Nd. Cast on No. 5. First knit 1 reverse rib, starting at edge st with 1 st, then finish with st in garter st before edge st with 1 st (1 st). Then with Nd. No. 6 in succession graduation: edge sts, 37 (40) sts, 10 sts, but instead of the edge sts on the right edge 1 st st. At the left edge for the bevel in the 2nd R from the stop before the 1st panel M 1 st crossed out of the transverse thread. This increase in every 4th R still 11x wdh. In between perform the decreases for the hip rounding at the same edge as at the back. After 21 cm = 51 R from the stop abk the 10 aperture-M. and insert the 10 decommissioned band M = 54 (57) sts. For the cut-out bevel in the following: 2. Hin-R on the left edge 1 sts on the underside of the garment. Add 2 sts over the front of the first trim-M, see explanation of symbols. The decrease in every 2nd R still 24x wdh. In between, at the right edge, the increases for the side bevel and the decreases for the armholes in each case at the same height as at the back arb. = 28 (31) sts. Make the shoulder bevel at the same edge as in the back piece. Continue the cutout trim over the remaining 10 sts at the left edge in the lift stitch pattern. After 8 cm = 20 R iris length from shoulder end shut down the st.

Right front piece : Contrary to the left front piece, while the binding tape is only 37 cm long.

Sleeve: 101 103) M with Nd. Cast on No. 5. First knit 1 back-R rib, starting from edge-M with 1 st, then finish with 1 st in front of edge-st. Then with Nd. No. 6 a valance as described str. Then both. Make 1 marker and continue smoothly over the remaining 29 (31) sts. Duplex Bind. for the inclinations after 5 cm = in the 13th row from the end of the flounce, 1 sts emphasized, then in each 10th row emphasize R 5x 1 st each time and in each 8th row 3 x 1 sts in each row. = 47 (49) M. After 36 cm = 86 R from 1st increase in both. for the sleeve ball dec 1 st, then in every 2nd row dec 1 st on every other row. Dec 1 st 1 times and 2 sts 2 times each time. In the following row, cast off the remaining 7 (9) sts.

Working out: Tighten, moisten and let parts dry. Sew the binding tapes according to the cut diagram over the front panel narrow sides. Close seams leaving 4 cm open at the side seam at waist height. Connect the decommissioned blocks of 10 each in the M stitch. Sew the inner panel edge to the rear cut-out edge. Insert sleeves. To wear, push the long strap through the open side seam.