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Jewelry as an accessoryMala necklace - prayer medium, fashion accessory and good luck charm in one

A Mala necklace is a piece of jewelry that also serves as a prayer necklace and thus has a practical background. Especially nice examples can be found here.

A Mala chain can have many functions and help us mentally.
Photo: Happinez

The term Mala comes from Sanskrit and roughly means " meditation wreath" . Traditionally, ancient yoga masters gave the prayer beads to their disciples during a special ritual to help them on their way to enlightenment. A Mala chain is used to support the so-called Japa meditation . In this particular form of mental sinking, affirmations are repeatedly uttered aloud.

Since the counting of repetitions could distract the meditator from the content of the mantra, he uses the mala as a counting aid. According to philosophy, the resulting energy is stored in the chain . According to tradition, meditation supported by the Mala chain has been practiced in this form since 400 BC .

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On the internet, you will also find a large selection of Mala chains in this country. Especially beautiful we show you here:

Mala necklace "Om Mani Padme Hum"

Hier gibt es schöne Mala-Ketten
On this chain of Mala is the mantra of compassion.
Photo: Happinez

The sacred syllables "Om Mani Padme Hum" are probably the most famous Buddhist mantra ever. It is the mantra of compassion and is said to have come to Tibet in the 5th century.

It stands for empathy and compassion, but also for love towards oneself, whereby the repeated recitation supports the inner health . The sacred words purify the conscience and help forgive oneself and others. The basic attitude of compassion that one accepts through this is called Avalokiteshvara in Buddhism.

The Mala necklace with the Buddhist mantra is available in the Happinez shop

All facts at a glance:

  • Color: silver, brown, white
  • Material: Sterling Silver, Jade, Tiger Eye, Cut Apatite and Vintage Wood.
  • Dimensions: 33.5 centimeters chain length

Mala chain onyx aventurine

Hier gibt es schöne Mala-Ketten
An aventurine is one of the strongest stones for mala chains.
Photo: Happinez

Already in ancient times it was said about the Aventurine, he gives courage, optimism and confidence . It provides relaxation and recreation and a generally positive attitude to life. It provides inner balance, relieves anxiety and psychosomatic disorders. The onyx helps to increase self-esteem and, according to Steinheilkunde, brings resistance, stability and joie de vivre.

In the Happinez shop, there is also the Mala chain with Aventurine

All facts at a glance:

  • Color: silver, yellow, black
  • Material: onyx, aventurine, sterling silver
  • Dimensions: 48 cm chain length

Ganesha Mala chain

Hier gibt es schöne Mala-Ketten
Here, the classic Mala chain is extended by a pendant with Ganesha figure.
Photo: Happinez

The Hindu god with the elephant head stands for success, peace and fulfillment . The god of luck can remove obstacles, but also put them in the way if someone behaves disrespectful to him or considers it necessary. He is the humorous rogue in Hinduism, but also known for his good nature and humanity, which makes him one of the most popular gods in India.

Due to its positive properties, the Ganesha pendant is a good luck charm in everyday life. The Ganesha Mala necklace consists of cut agate beads, jasper and amazonite beads . The most striking feature of the Mala necklace is the large Ganesha pendant in silver or rose gold.

You can buy a Ganesj Mala necklace from the Happinez Shop

All facts at a glance:

  • Color: silver or rose gold
  • Material: agate beads, jasper, amazonite beads, sterling silver
  • Dimensions: 82 cm chain length