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Maxi Arland: moving song for a dead girlfriend

Maxi Arland is Germany's most charming entertainer. His programs reach over 5 million viewers, his music thrilled all generations.
Photo: Manfred Esser

The folk music favorite

Maxi Arland has probably never shown herself so sensitive and profound. With much emotion he sings the song "My soul is crying" on his new album "Aus Liebe" . "I would give everything for that, we could live together, " it says in the play. We met the singer and TV presenter Maxi Arland for personal conversation and wanted to know: What is behind it? "It's a very personal song, " says Maxi Arland in a serious voice. "I sing it from the perspective of a very good friend who has lost his wife." The 27-year-old friend of Maxi Arland died this year in a serious traffic accident. No fault. "At first I hardly dared to play this song to her husband, " the singer admits. But the widower was very touched. "He cried when he first heard it." And Maxi Arland adds, "At the same time, it's also a title for anyone who has ever lost a loved one." The folk music favorite knows only too well how painful death can be. Maxi Arland still misses his grandfather Reinhart, who died at the age of 76. "Grandpa was especially close to me because I'm most like him in the family. His death hurt me a lot, "he says. "He died of cancer, it was a long ordeal. I still mourn today. " The memories of him return again and again: " He lived in Bad Homburg. I still think of my grandfather when I see a car with the registration number from there. He lives on in me. "

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