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DIY tip: Crochet the dog toy yourself

With this toy, your dog can let off steam
Photo: Melanie Baumgartner

Crochet for the four-legged friend

The perfect toy for your dog: It is made of cotton yarn and is tooth-friendly and tooth-cleaning and can be imitated easily.

You need this for the toy:

  • about 25 g crochet yarn (100% cotton, length 125 m / 50 g) in 3 different colors
  • Filling cotton, approx. 20 g
  • Tools: crochet hook Nr, 3, scissors, fabric and embroidery needle

And that's how easy it is:

1. First crochet 110 airmaking (Lm), which you connect by means of 1 Kettmasche (Ktm) to a ring. Now crochet 1 sturdy stitch (dc) into each round of the ring. The last fM you connect again with the first by Ktm. Just like row 1 crochet 13 more rows, so 1 dc in each dc of the preliminary round. Then sew the thread from the beginning of the crochet piece.

2. Fold the crocheted ring as shown in the picture . Now fill the ring bit by bit with cotton wool. Crochet the upper edges about 3 cm with FM. Then fill the already crocheted piece with cotton wool.

Tip: In order not to push out the cotton wool on the other side when stuffing the first piece, put the two sides together with a pin where you started to crochet together. Continue working on the rest of the ring as described above. The last piece works the other way round: fill first, then close the edges. To make sure the tail is stuffed as tight as the rest of the ring, leave the last inch open and add extra cotton.

3. Once the entire ring has been filled and closed, connect the last fM of the row to the first as before. Finally, cut the threads off after about 15 cm, pull it through the loop and sew it up.

4. Using a different color, make a second ring in the same way.

5. Since the third tire should connect the two already made ones, the chain of mesh is threaded through the two finished rings, before you connect the two ends with 1 Ktm. Then the third ring is crocheted and filled like the other two.

Tip: For medium-sized dogs 80 lm are enough for the ring and a total of 10 rows fM, for small dogs 50 lm and 6 more rows.

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