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Instructions for knitting an oversize sweater: This guide works

Oversized sweaters are in fashion. We'll show you how to knit the trendy pieces yourself.

You can knit this fashionable sweater yourself
Photo: Schachenmayr

Knitted DROPS sweater in 2 threads "Kid-Silk" with patent pattern, side slits and raglan sleeves. Size S-XXXL.

See diagram A.1. The 2nd and 3rd Rd continuously wdh.

Increase 1 st by taking the cross thread between 2 sts from the previous round - re-sts in the next round (ie, insert the back st in the front instead of the front) to avoid a hole. The stitches continuously in the patent pattern einarb.
On both sides each A.1 is removed 1 st (= 8 sts removed). Take 1 st by adding 2 M li. PLEASE NOTE: An envelope does NOT count as your own M. In the next round the sts on each side every A.1!

The piece is knitted in round-R on the round needle until the side slits are finished. Then it turns in rounds. The back part is longer than the front part.
Cast on 66-72-78-86-95-104 sts on circular needle no. 6 with 1 strand of light pink and 1 strand of pink (= 2 threads) of LOCK (all double-twisted). 2 KRAUSRIPPEN (= 4 R kraus re, see above) back and forthstr,
AT THE SAME TIME on the last front row remove 9-11-11-13-14-15 sts evenly (= 57-61-67-73-81-89 sts). Now back and forth in the PATENT PATTERN str (see above). GAUGE

Click here to download the manual.