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Tips and tricks for a great singing voice

If you pay attention to a few little things, it is easier to sing!
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Then you should pay attention to a good singing voice

Most people like to sing just because it's so much fun. However, very few people can claim to be really good at it. But that is not always because the voice is not good, but often because of the wrong technique. In our 5 singing tips for beginners, we reveal the humor as hobby and choir singers make their voices sound perfect.

1. Make sounds

For an inexperienced vain voice, it is often difficult to make sounds. This is due to the enormous noise level that surrounds us every day. Hearing is - as one might say - overstimulated by the daily sounds that it has to absorb and process. If you want to make sounds, you have to learn to listen again and focus on a sound. For this it can be helpful to reduce the noise level in everyday life and, for example, to turn down the radio and TV. In addition, it is good to avoid excessive stress because it negatively affects the voice. So it means: Who is relaxed, the sounds are better.

2. Optimal posture

If you want to reffen sounds as best as possible, you should stand for it. Why this is so, can reasonably be justified. In this position, the back is straight and the head optimally balanced on the spine. The shoulders are relaxed, while the knees are loose and the feet are firm but unrestrained on the floor. Some people prefer to sing while sitting down. In this case, always make sure that the upper body takes a straight posture, so that the lung and diaphragm can work unrestricted.

3. Well-groomed voice

If you want to do something good for your singing voice, you should drink plenty of fluids throughout the day and drink lukewarm water at the very best. In addition to this, singers are well advised to sound a bit softer in everyday life and not talk unnecessarily loud. Also, periods of silence can be helpful in optimizing the lament of the voice.

4. Breathe, but right

Those who do not breathe properly will not be able to develop their voice optimally. When singing, it is important to work in the right flank area. To train breathing, there are many exercises that can be done easily at home. Super easy and good for the diaphragm: blow out three candles three times a day. The abdominal muscles, on the other hand, are happy about this training session: Shaping their mouth three times a day, as if they would like to talk. Now suck in the air through your mouth, stop and exhale through your mouth.

5. Sick and sing? Better not!

A cold with or without hoarseness should always be fully cured before the voice is reclaimed while singing. Especially with a severe strep throat it is important to play it safe. Better a week after the symptoms are already gone, wait for the next vocal session to begin. Attention: It is unavoidable to talk about hoarseness, always try to talk in normal volume. Many people think it is worth whispering. But that is not the case, since the voice is much more strained.

If you pay attention to these tips, you will definitely enjoy this great hobby with a good mood guarantee. All we have to do is say: Merry Trolling and much success in singing!