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Kitchen design for a new shine

The floor plan: This is how the kitchen design takes shape.
Photo: Klaus Lehnhardt for a living idea

Before, afterwards

Two WOHNIDEE readers are happy about a new dream kitchen from Ikea in mini format.

Previously, the kitchen design of Shari and Kai was simply drab and colorless. But with only a few resources and a little spit, we have turned the kitchen into an oasis of well-being. With a clever layout and refined extras, the 7.5 square meter small cooking arena turns out to be a real space saver. Thanks to optimal kitchen design, everything now finds its place. Interior designer Birgit Knutzen has taken over the kitchen design : "A modern, cheerful kitchen is just right for the young couple!" Said, done - but take a look for yourself ...

What you need for the new kitchen design :

✔ KITCHEN: "Faktum" with lacquer fronts "Abstract" "Numerär" worktops and wall panels "Fastbo", approx. 2100 euros ✔ FOLDING TABLE: "Muddus" white, approx. 45 euros ✔ "Norvald" CHAIR, approx. 49 euros ✔ STOOL "Nils", approx. 39 euros ✔ FABRIC "Elisabet" for blinds and stool covers, approx. 6.50 euros / sqm ✔ LIGHTS "Tived", approx. 30 euros ✔ WALLBOARD "Marginal", approx. 29 euros ✔ SPOTS "Grundtal 25 € ✔ COOKING FIELD / OVEN "Framtid", from approx. 229/349 Euro ✔ FOUNTAIN DUMP "Udden HW 320", approx. 149 Euro ✔ DISHWASHER "Renlig DW45", approx. 449 Euro ✔ INSTALLATION RINSE "Boholmen", with 1 ½ basin, approx. 84 euros ✔ KITCHEN ARMATURE "Ringskär", approx. 89 euros ✔ COOLER-FREEZER-COMBI "Frostig BCF201", approx. 469 euros ✔ PUNCH "Gemak", approx. 10 euros ✔ OVERHEAD "Kalasa", Wood, about 10 euros ✔ MUFFIN FORM "Drömma", about 7 euros.