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Markus Lanz: Now his wife has to be very strong

Markus Lanz is in great demand: Will marriage and health endure the stress?
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How bad is he?

Not married for a year, life is putting the couple to the test ...

He is a true gentleman: sensitive, accommodating. Markus Lanz (43) has always carried his wife Angela (29) on their hands. But now everything could change. It's about his health!

In his talk show, TV presenter Markus Lanz complained of pain, saying there: "I currently have it a bit down in the back." But how bad is he really? What starts with harmless back problems can often cause long torments, even a herniated disc!

Stress is known to be a poison in back problems. And Markus Lanz has more than enough of that at the moment. In autumn, he will be the first to moderate "Wetten, dass ..?" (NEW POST reported). A rise on the career ladder, but the show also puts an additional burden on the smart South Tyrolean. With his talk show, he is already seeing three evenings a week on ZDF. Markus Lanz does not begrudge himself a break. It would be quiet and gentle.

Wife Angela supports Markus Lanz, even drags crates of drinks and is also behind him: "Without their consent, I would bet that ..? ' can not take over, "reveals the TV star. But has the petite German-Japanese also considered the possible consequences of the decision? Little time together, more worries. In public you see the couple already often discussing ...

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