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Everyone loves Pippa Middleton!

The hype surrounding Kate Middleton's sister

At the wedding of her sister Kate, Pippa Middleton has captured the hearts of the audience. Your butt now even has its own Facebook page.

Photo: When, Getty Images
We checked Pippa Middleton's off-the-bridesmaid style.

Since her wedding to Prince William on April 29, 2011, Kate Middleton may now theoretically become Queen of England, but the title "Queen of Hearts" is already taken - to her little sister Pippa! The 27-year-old bridesmaid was the secret star of the royal wedding. In her sexy floor-length Alexander McQueen robe she made a very good figure.

Click through the style of Pippa Middleton (11 images).

Especially with her backside she seems to have caught a lot of fans, because now there is a "Pippa Middleton Ass Appreciation Society" on Facebook. Did Prince Harry join the group? Finally, the two gave off such a beautiful couple at the wedding.

On the other hand, Pippa Middleton has much more to offer than just a nice downside. That's what her friend Alex Loudon thinks. We have checked her style and find: Pippa Middleton does not only make a great figure as a bridesmaid, but also as a party and preppy pippa.

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