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Become 5 pounds a week and lose weight thanks to Detox

To get fit

Getting fit works very easy thanks to Detox.
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! Make spring cleaning now - in your body! With our seven-day detoxification program, you can recharge your batteries, look fresher and lose weight quickly and easily .

Get fit - thanks to a healthy diet

Due to stress, too much animal fats and proteins, industrially produced foods and pollution accumulate pollutants in the body over time. By controlling them, our detoxification organs liver, kidney and skin are overloaded. We feel limp, impotent, our complexion looks pale. In order to bring the body back into balance, this treatment completely dispenses with over-acidulous foods: red meat, cheese, white flour, most dairy products, sweets, coffee and black tea. During their metabolism, the body gets into stress - and acidified. Pollutants are not flushed out, the energy balance stops. Instead choose basic foods: fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts, vegetable fats, fish, potatoes, rice and legumes. Recharge vital substances, vitamins and flavonoids, antioxidant plant substances.

Scientists are convinced of the detox cure

Start with a fasting day : Drink about three liters of water, and eat only fruits and vegetables. Also allowed are fruit smoothies or vegetable soups.

On the second day, you can integrate one of our four recipe suggestions in your diet at noon. In addition, we each have a delicious breakfast and dinner idea for her. Allow at least four hours between meals. Keeping digestion and metabolism active.

Use natural, unprocessed products and use sparingly with salt. Dairy products are taboo, except natural yoghurt and goat's milk.

Tip: Repeat the treatment every two months - so you can keep the well-being effect in the long term and enjoy.

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