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The Queen is not amused

Queen Elizabeth is again "not amused" ...
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Palace whispers

Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain (83) is again "not amused". The reason is more trouble with the staff.

An illegal immigrant had crept into her bodyguard. In red uniform and bearskin cap, the man had sent guard in front of Windsor Castle.

Until the guardsman flew, months passed. Now his superiors have stress. Finally, the Queen also wants to know how it could be that someone who has no valid papers, could be hired in a royal elite unit. How easily the bodyguard could have been a terrorist, criticized the police, who arrested the Africans after a traffic accident because he carried fake ID cards with them.

Also in the palace one gives oneself contrite. The explanation is that the immigrant used various aliases that made it extremely difficult to expose him. The Queen was promised improvement. But if she lets herself be put off with good words alone?