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Wonderful video: a wedding dance of a special kind

Photo: Vimeo / Jennifer Traynor

No wedding dance like any other

The wedding dance of the bride and groom is always a very emotional moment. But this bride did not expect such a beautiful surprise.

When the newlywed couple enters the dance floor for the first time as a man and woman and begins their wedding dance, at most weddings handkerchiefs are drawn out a little later. But what made Joey Johnson possible for his bride, Michelle, now stirs the whole world as well as the entire wedding party.

For the groom, who dances so happily with his wife in the very emotional and moving video, has been sitting in a wheelchair for about two years. For his first dance with his beloved wife Michelle, however, he pulled himself up on two ropes in order to actually be able to dance with her. Joey could hardly have made a brighter gift to his bride for her wedding. To Christina Perris song 'A Thousand Yars', the bridal couple moves slowly to the music. Michelle and Joey are to see how moved they are both and how much this moment means to them.

Joey and Michelle met in 2012 at a Country Music concert. Only four months after their first meeting, the former soldier who served in Afghanistan had a tragic accident. In search of the rush of speed that helped to process his post-traumatic stress syndrome, Joey crashed his motorcycle. As a result, he is paraplegic today and has no sensation in his body from the chest down.

A wedding dance video that stirs tears

Despite the difficulties the couple had to face at the beginning of their relationship, it was clear to Michelle that she and Joey belonged together, among other things because, like his happily married parents, they have their birthday on the same day. In an interview with ABC News, Michelle Johnson said: "Our family and I have been through so much, but we all know that Joey is still the same person, the same fun and amiable man as before, he had to live a completely new way of life learning with yourself and your wheelchair: from showering, dressing up to everyday functioning - but we are soulmates. "

In April 2013, Joey asked Michelle to marry him. For the young woman, only one answer came into question: yes. The couple decided in 2014 to marry one day before their common birthday. Never would Michelle have known that Joey would surprise with such a wonderful gift as this wedding dance . "Everyone in the room was crying, it was so wonderful to be back on par with it, it was a dream come true."

We warn against: If you look at the video below, you should have handkerchiefs ready.

The same will happen to you in this wedding dance video. If the bride does not cry tears of joy here.

Joey & Michelle Dancing from Jennifer Traynor on Vimeo.

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