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Prince Philip: Fleet down without traveling

Prince Philip keeps the tradition high and does not wear anything under the kilt.
Photo: Getty Images

Schottenrock makes it possible

Nobody can restrain this man! Not even his doctors. Because contrary to all reason Prince Philip (91) despite recent bladder infection at the Highland Games nothing under his tartan skirt .

Together with his wife Elizabeth (86), son Charles (63) and daughter-in-law Camilla (65), he amused himself at the Highland Games truly royally, as they watched the traditional Scottish sports competitions.

Traditionally, Prince Philip therefore also wore Scottish tunic . It was hoped that he would be sensible enough to put on something underneath to avoid a renewed flare-up of stubborn cystitis, which recently brought him to the hospital.

But now it came out that the consort of Queen Elizabeth daringly showed herself down without. Embarrassing that this was also announced. The nude photo scandal around grandson Harry (27) has not even died down and there shows the next member of the royal family extremely permissive.

Well. At least you really can not blame the British Royals for being jammed ...

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