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Intimate love scene: Mario Götze and Ann-Kathrin Brömmel

Cuddle photo Mario G tze

All the world champions went on holiday after the exhausting weeks in Brazil, including player women. Mario G tze and Ann-Kathrin Br mmel now showed up in a particularly warm and intimate moment on the sunbed, much to the chagrin of Mario Götze's female fans.

Mario Götze, Ann-Kathrin Brömmel Cuddling photo
Photo: @gotzemario on Instagram

The nervous game during the 2014 World Cup, married dream couple Mario Götze and Ann-Kathrin Brömmel obviously only closer together. After the terrific success, they now treat themselves together with a break and some intimate cuddling moments.

The six packs of the World Cup players shows the gallery!

Our kissing champion kisses on, as a new, very private photo of Mario Götze (@gotzemario on Instagram) proves: "Darling, " he wrote on July 21, 2014 for the sensual recording with her pretty model girlfriend in a bikini. Is it the photo filter, is it the victory pride or the hot pose? Mario Götze rarely looked so hot!

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