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Fashion trendsMode of the eighties: This is the fashion shock!

The fashion of the eighties was strange. But many parts that were in at that time have now sneaked back into our wardrobe.

The fashion from the eighties is sometimes hard to bear
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  1. The body is back
  2. The shoulder pads of horror
  3. Denim jackets in all colors
  4. Oversized T-shirts with lettering

Fashion fiasco or normal trend rival? Actually, every fashion trend comes back again and again. This also applies again and again to parts from the eighties. Whether you like it or not. The fashion industry regularly calls the eighties for the fashion trend. But do we really want to have this fashion gray in our closets again? If you look at the following trends, we have a clear message: no!

Much more frightening is actually that these horror trends from the eighties have quietly and secretly cheated long ago back in the shops. Check it out on your next shopping trip. The trends of the eighties are back again. And with them all the parts that we really wanted to forget forever.

The body is back

Der Body war das Trendteil in den Achtzigern
The body was the trend part in the eighties
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Whether at Zara or H & M : you can find bodysuits everywhere. The favorite tops of the eighties are actually totally impractical? The whole Rumgefummel, if you want to go to the toilet. So we send the body back to the 80ies. We do not want you in 2017!

The shoulder pads of horror

Auch Diana liebte in den Achtzigern Schulterpolster
Diana also loved shoulder pads in the eighties
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Um, shoulder pads are probably not really beneficial for any woman. Even Princess Diana liked to wear it over her shoulders in the eighties. But honestly, who really wants to look like a football player in a blouse? In fact, one wonders where this strange trend actually came from in the eighties?

Denim jackets in all colors

In den Achtzigern liebten alle bunt bedruckte Jeansjacken
In the eighties they all loved colorful printed denim jackets
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Colorful denim jackets with graffiti prints are so unique from the eighties. Now they can be found in all fashion chains. But do not they somehow remind you of you in seventh grade, standing in the schoolyard chatting with your girlfriends? A jacket that is reminiscent of your own childhood or youth, but please stay there please. Adult women in colorful denim jackets? Somehow it does not fit ...

Oversized T-shirts with lettering

In den Achtzigern hat jeder seine Botschaft mit einem Shirt verbreitet
In the eighties, everyone spread his message with a shirt
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You have something to say? Then write it on a T-shirt. At least that was in the eighties. But even today there are a lot of saying shirts in the fashion chains. We are rather understated and follow the motto: If you have something to say, please do not wear a T-shirt.

Here are all the trends of the eighties for after-shopping: