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10 thoughts that every woman has in the morning in front of the wardrobe

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Getting dressed in the morning - a challenge

Who does not know that?! In the morning, the simplest exercise - for example dressing - can become the biggest challenge of the day.

The morning is not everyone's time. Only very few of us have the peace and quiet to get up, to have a nice breakfast and to leave the house completely relaxed. Yes, with most of the day actually begins with absolute Morgenmuffeligkeit. Time for a coffee or tea? None. Quickly in the shower, quickly make-up, quickly put on and quickly on the way to work ... wait! Quickly dressed? No! For the following drama takes place almost every day in front of German wardrobes:

1. Jeans or skirt? Rock - oh shit is not, I have not shaved my legs!

2. Where is my favorite jeans, I have to wear them today ?! Oh, no - dirty in the laundry ...

3. I turn around! I forgot an important appointment with my head-of-the-boss and I'm dressed as on Casual Friday.

4. Can I put the old shirt under the pullover? No one looks - but if it's too hot in the office later, it'll be embarrassing.

5. Damn! Where did my blouse go, I can not find her ...

6. Why do my socks already have holes after only one wash ?!

7. Ah! Finally found an outfit. Oh no, what is it? The bra flashes out and does not fit color ... Crap, now I have to take everything off again ...

8. Oh no, why fit my look today only exhausting high heels?

9. Why the hangman I have no jacket that also covers the long Cardigen. He looks out the bottom and I look like Lumpi.

10. I could cry! I really HAVE NOTHING TO PAY !!! And NOTHING FITS TOGETHER! I HATE my wardrobe! Tomorrow I go shopping ...

This part should have every woman in the wardrobe:

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