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Table decoration with lavender: food as in Provence

Lavender smells wonderful and you can decorate it great.
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Romantic playful

The scent of lavender is just part of our summer! We make a very special table decoration with the romantic plant. Who wants to join in?

This is what you need for the name book:

  • Flowers: Astrantie, Lavender, Saponaria
  • Mini-Vase
  • Schleifenband
  • Paper (craft shop)
  • Letter stamp (craft shop)
  • Ink pad in gold (craft shop)
  • Craft wire in gold (craft shop)
  • scissors
  • secateurs
  • knife
  • Wire cutter

And that's how easy it is:

1. Free the stems of the flowers from excess green.

2. Assemble flowers to a mixed bouquet, making the stems spirally.

3. Shorten the bouquet with the rose scissors to vase length.

4. Cut the ends of the stems diagonally for better water absorption.

5. Loosely place the bouquet in the water-filled vase.

6. Loop the ribbon around the narrowing of the vase and tie it to the loop.

7. Stamp guest's name on paper and cut paper.

8. Wind up the craft wire in a circle at one end and cut to length. Clasp the name tag and place it in the vase.

Prop: plates: dinner plate "Joyce", GreenGate, ceramic, mint, 28 cm, 17, 90 €,, plate: Maria, Greengate, warm gray, diameter: 20, 5 cm, material: porcelain, 16, 90 €,, Plates: Joyce, Warm Gray, Greengate, Material: Stoneware, Size: 21 cm, 11, 90 €,, Flatware: Mono, Gold, Set of 5 ca.35 €, via

That's what you need for the napkins:

  • cloth napkins
  • Spitzenband
  • lavender
  • scissors
  • secateurs

And that's how easy it is:

1. Roll up the napkins.

2. Cut the tape to length and wrap it around the napkins. Bind to the loop in front.

3. Cut the lavender and put it in small tufts under the tape.

Requisite: Garnspule (Plum Divine, Art.-No .: PT10270, light purple-white, 4, 90 €,

You need this for the tealights:

  • Lavender (from the florist)
  • Teelichtglas
  • narrow double-sided tape
  • Ribbon in white
  • Tealight (drugstore)
  • secateurs
  • scissors

And that's how easy it is:

1. Cut the lavender about 1.5 cm longer than the glass height with the rose scissors.

2. Glue a strip of narrow double-sided tape around the tealight glass in the upper third.

3. Press the lavender branches close to the adhesive tape until the glass is completely covered.

4. Fix the lavender to the glass with the ribbon and tie a loop.

What you need for the lavender salt:

  • dried lavender (blue / purple flowers)
  • salt
  • Storage glass
  • Nature cord
  • scissors

And that's how easy it is:

1. Rub the dried lavender flowers off the stalk.

2. Lay the salt and lavender flowers in the glass layer by layer.

3. Wrap the cord around the glass for decoration and attach a few stalks of lavender to it.