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Ivana Teklic: Third at GNTM 2014

GNTM third 2014: Ivana Teklic

Ivana had a dream: she wanted to become "Germany's Next Top Model". For a long time she was the hot favorite for the win.

Ivana Teklic Management
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  2. Ivana Teklic New York Fashion Week
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  4. Ivana Teklic: That's why she went to GNTM 2014
In the final, however, she ended up only in third place. Now she has extracted from Heidi Klum's contract and is breaking new ground.

Ivana Teklic left "Germany's Next Top Model" behind her. The cool blonde has successfully separated from her agency "OneEins" and thus from the Klum family business - in personal union Günther Klum. Ivana Teklic is now under contract with a well-known GNTM drop-out: The agency "Pars Management", operated by Peyman Amin, presented a new face in its portfolio on 28 October with Ivana.

Contribution by PARS Management - Model Agency.

Ivana Teklic can do what she has wanted since the beginning of the casting show: working as a model on the big catwalks in the world. For Peyman Amin, former jury member of "Germany's Next Top Model", gives his girls especially to international shows. For example, he represents the Israeli top model Bar Refali.

Also unvarnished a beauty: Ivana Teklic without makeup!

It remains to be doubted whether Heidi Klum voluntarily crawled out her former protégé under her wing. According to information from there was a legal dispute between Ivana Teklic and OneEins. Ivana has thus complained of their contract. Günther Klum only got her a single paid job at Wolfgang Joop's Wunderkind after the show ended. How Ivana develops in Peyman's agency remains to be seen.

Ivana Teklic at the final of "Germany's Next Top Model".

She was considered one of the favorites and is the great darling of designer Wolfgang Joop: Ivana Teklic could stop at "Germany's Next Top Model" for a long time! Finally, the self-confident and assertive candidate even stood in the final. There it was enough but only for third place. In the following we review Ivana's way at GNTM 2014 once again.

Ivana Teklic Fashion Week

She not only performed at Paris Fashion Week, but also at Berlin Fashion Week, both times with huge success. And now she took a giant step towards professional fashion: she was the only candidate for New York Fashion Week!

Ivana Teklic from GNTM 2014 at New York Fashion Week and other GNTM contestants on the catwalk shows the gallery!

Well, this was not the big catwalk job, but the presentation of fashion by designer duo Rubin & Chapelle on February 7, 2014 in New York was mastered by Ivana Teklic of GNTM 2014 with flying colors.

Ivana Teklic New York Fashion Week

Ivana Teklic friend

At GNTM, Ivana is currently discovering the big fashion world while her boyfriend is waiting for her at home. Clear that a shooting with male models can quickly become a problem. But the "Germany's Next Top Model" candidate sees it all pretty loose and smooching around wildly with her model mate on the beach. Luckily, her friend Max is not jealous, as he reveals in the "Red" interview.

Further candidates of the ninth GNTM season show the gallery:

Even if one or the other candidate from the model villa is jealous of Ivana's hot flirt, she seems to have already convinced herself. Model-dad Wolfgang Joop thinks the native Bosnian is great. The designer hired the model for his show at the Paris Fashion Week. Between all the professional models did not notice that the GNTM participant is still a newcomer.

Ivana Teklic: That's why she went to GNTM 2014

Sometimes we have to be forced to our luck, so it was with Ivana. She has been dreaming of participating in "Germany's Next Top Model" for a long time, as she admitted in an interview on But until now the student from Bad Homburg never had the courage to do so.

Nevertheless, she managed to be in the ninth season of GNTM this year. She says she owes all this to her boyfriend. He had talked so long until she went to the casting. Until now, especially her pale skin in the model world arrived well. Whether the jury will also like it?

"Germany's Next Top Model - by Heidi Klum" will be on Thursdays at 6:15 pm on Pro7 on the 6th of February 2014.

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