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Knitting Knitting Pattern: Knitting Pouf - That's how it works

So comfortable: Since we have our new, self-knitted poufs, we do not want to get up from the sofa. If you want to test it yourself - here is the instructions.

So nice fluffy - we love our self-knitted poufs!
Photo: Deco & Style

That's what you need:

  • "Pelo" by Lana Grossa (60% virgin wool in Merino extrafine, 35% polyacrylic, 5% polyamide): approx. 450 g in petrol mottled (Fb. 8) or light gray (Fb. 5)
  • Knitting needles No. 7
  • Crochet Hook No. 6
  • 3 knobs with 23 mm diameter in mottled petrel or light gray mottled, z. By Union Knopf, article no. 48223 (Fb. 28) or article no. 27090 (number 76)

That's how it works:


Smooth right: stitch out stitches (M) on the right, knit back rows M on the left.

Knitting tension:

10 M and 16 rows (R) smooth right with needles No. 7 = 10 x 10 cm


Front and back side:

Knitting in one piece: Cast on 50 sts with needles no. Knit plain right. After 102 cm = 164 sts off st from the sts.


Tighten, moisten and let dry. Now place the edge of the edge 2 cm over the stop edge so that the end and the beginning overlap 2 cm, see the gray-shaded area in the cut pattern. Pin the 2 cm on both sides with a few stitches. Now the lower break with 4 cm distance, mark the upper break with 46 cm distance to the edge of the edge, best with fore stitch and a smooth contrast thread. Turn part, kinking at the markings. Then close side seams. Turn cover over again. Crochet 3 button loops each out of 6 stitches in a matching, smooth yarn. Put 1 sling in the middle, then put the other two back in the middle from the edge to the center of the pillow. Sew on buttons.

Click here to download the manual.