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How to Apply Nail Polish PerfectlyNail painting: tips for the manicure by the professional

The perfect manicure is only available in the nail salon? Would be laughed! With this manual by nail professional Essie Weingarten, everyone becomes a painter master in an instant. Here's what you need to know.

Trend nails made easy: It works with these DIY tricks!
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Promise, in each of us is a small nail professional! With a good guide, your hands will look as if you've just had an expensive manicure in the nail salon behind you. We asked Nail Polish Queen Essie Weingarten for the best paint tips:

1. Determine length

The ideal length of nails, when viewed from the palm of your hand, about 2 mm above the fingertips protrude. "Orientate the filing of the form on the nail moon, " says Weingarten.

2. Improve paint adhesion

Fat residues on the nails even survive the washing of the hands and cause the paint to adhere poorly. Alcohol-containing primer makes them steam, by taking them with the evaporation. Brush on and let it work for 30 seconds.

3. Mending nail cracks

The expert advises: "Cut out a mini-piece of tea bags, place them on the nail and varnish with clear varnish, smooth with a polishing file after drying."

4. Dose the color

Before you start to paint the nails, paint one side of the brush at the bottle opening. This leaves exactly the optimum amount for a nail on the brush.

5. Clean nail bed

After each painted layer, dab an eyebrow brush in Paint Remover to clean the nail bed.

6. Preserve color

Apply top coat not only after painting, but also on every second day following. "This is not how mini-paint damage spreads, " explains Weingarten.

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