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Do it like Audrey!

Style guide for the Audrey Hepburn look

Her styling is extremely popular right now - but also in matters of life and love Audrey Hepburn is a fabulous role model! It is easy to enchant yourself and the men la Hepburn.

The Audrey Hepburn style guide
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  1. The look of the "Fair Lady"
  2. The secret recipe of the actress
  3. Your style from head to toe
  4. Not every trend is for every woman!

The look of the "Fair Lady"

"My look is easy to copy. Women can look like me when they put their hair up, buy big round sunglasses, and wear sleeveless dresses. "

• Audrey's girly look is very natural and never looks overdone. She liked to emphasize her famous fawn eyes with false eyelashes and black eyeliner. To do this, first select an eye shadow whose color comes as close as possible to your complexion.

For pale skin, matte nudetic tones are suitable, while darker complexions provide matte sand nuances. Apply the color thinly from the eyelid to the eyebrow. Then you paint with liquid eyeliner along the eyelid line on the upper lash line. Finally, apply the eyelashes with black mascara tusche or fake eyelashes.

• To give your look the typical natural freshness of Audrey, focus on either the eyes or the lips.

The secret recipe of the actress

• Here's a secret recipe of the actress: a mask for radiant complexion. You need a cucumber from the fridge, a protein and 120 milliliters of olive oil. Cut the cucumber into small pieces and place in the blender with all the ingredients. Apply to face, avoiding eyes. After 20 minutes, wipe off with a dry cloth.

• Audrey liked to emphasize her lips with a bright red color. This looks glamorous with an ivory complexion and dark hair. Current trend alternative: a loud pinkton.

• Use only a small amount of rouge - in a soft, light rosé tone.

• Audrey's trademark was her bushy, barely plucked eyebrows. The trick, so that it does not look neglected, is to maintain the natural shape of the brows and picking up only a few growing hairs below the brow. Brush your full eyebrows into shape, for example, with a special brush on which you spray a little hairspray before.

Your style from head to toe

"Allure is just something for the unfinished."

• In addition to the legendary black cocktail dress from "Breakfast at Tiffany's", Audrey especially loved basics in classic white and chic black. Her favorites were white blouses and slim black pants. Most important motto: Basics from the designer, the rest does not have to be expensive. Garments she liked and often wore include capris, turtlenecks, trench coats, Ferragamo sleeveless dresses and ballerinas.

• Emphasize your strengths and overplay your weaknesses! Audrey is still considered one of the most beautiful women - but she also had blemishes: huge feet (shoe size 42!), Crooked teeth and protruding ears. Pay attention to your preferences, for example, emphasize your narrow waist with a belt on a trendy Seventies tunic blouse that falls loosely over the buttocks and hips.

Not every trend is for every woman!

• Even Audrey Hepburn did not fit the classic ideal of beauty at that time - she had too little breasts in comparison to Marilyn Monroe and was not blonde and graceful like Grace Kelly. Nevertheless, she did not bend and developed her own brand.

• Not every trend is for every woman! Ignore fashionable novelties if you do not feel comfortable in the pieces.

• Less is more! A Fendi bag for Chanel costume plus Dior sunglasses - and you look like Paris Hilton. Use fashionable highlights sparingly, so that they do not miss their effect.

Style mix? No way!

Audrey became a fashion icon because she consistently had a style. No matter what you prefer to wear: Stand up to it - and declutter your wardrobe!

TypeTo keepTo dispose
trendyVests, belts, bootsTight, crop tops
SportyYoga pants, hoodies, baseball capsAdvertising shirts, extremely short skirts
ClassicJewelry, trouser suit, jacketsLow-cut tops, sneakers
rockigLeather jacket, band shirtsEverything that has holes and burn marks
Romantic and playfulPearl necklace, dresses, high heelsWashed, colorless tops and leggings

Get the body in shape

• After a car crash, Audrey never got behind the wheel again - instead she liked to ride a bike, which kept her legs in great shape.

• During her lifetime, she owned a dog - her Yorkshire Terrier "Mr. Famous "can even be seen in the movie" Anna Karenina "by her side. Leading dogs to walk was one of their favorite everyday activities. If you do not have one, borrow your neighbor's dog. Practical bonus: Dogs are perfect flirt magnets, so do not be surprised by numerous advances.

• Audrey loved her two sons, Sean and Luca, and became full in the role of mother. Instead of hiring a nanny, she took care of her around the clock, giving her enough exercise a day. Try it and take your girlfriend off the kids. Babysitting is about as exhausting as an XXL workout in the gym!

The secret of her extremely delicate figure

• Her mannequin, made in 1954 for her wardrobe, did not have to be changed until her death. The secret of her extremely petite figure told Audrey once herself: "I hate ready meals. I prefer simple dishes that are cooked very fast, such as steak, a colorful salad, or fresh raspberries. "Eat like Audrey only when you're really hungry, and stop as soon as you feel satiated-even if it's just that is delicious.

• Do not stiffen your weight or BMI too much. Although Audrey had model measurements and dress size 34, the proportions are far more important: according to studies, men are the most attractive to women, who have a waist and hip ratio of 0.7 to 0.9. Audrey had a score of 0.7 - as did Marilyn Monroe and Kate Moss.

Audrey and the love

"When women seem inscrutable, that's mostly because of the shallow draft of the men."

Find men

• Believe like Audrey in love at second glance! She admitted that she had not paid any attention to her last life partner Rob Wolders in previous years, but he became her dream man 20 years later with his polite and reserved manner. Give a chance to a man who does not immediately like you right away.

• In 1954, Audrey fell in love with her colleague Mel Ferrer, on whose side she appeared in the play "Ondine". It does not have to be the same stage as Audrey, but according to recent studies, 43 percent of all couples fall in love with the workplace. So make an appointment with your nice colleague!

• Dare men as often and as many as you want, but do not bend to impress a man!

Men get

• Never call a man after the first date! Excuses like "Maybe he lost my number" or "He just certainly has no time" just do not count. A man who really cares about you will not lose your number and will have five minutes to call you even if you have a full-time job.

• Audrey liked being aloof and unreachable with men. That was much easier then without a mobile phone and internet! If you are reluctant to wait, the Grande Dame has a good tip for you: Write him two hours after the date (also like SMS): nothing intrusive, just to tell him, for example, that you like the perfume he was wearing tonight. Nothing destroys your mysterious aura more than to reveal your innermost thoughts to him. Instead, let him puzzle and arouse his longings!

Had Audrey owned a Facebook account ...

• Had Audrey had a Facebook account, she would never have thought of finding, adoring, and spying on her admirer. If he is interested, he will find you.

• In "Breakfast at Tiffany's" Audrey the men lie in rows at their feet. Why? Because she plays with them, makes them fidget and gives herself feminine and cheerful. Men care about a certain ease and unrestrained women. Men hold

Men hold

• Do not do half measures in love affairs! Audrey divorced twice. She also had no qualms about canceling the planned wedding with businessman James Hanson at the last minute because she wanted children, but he secretly had himself sterilized.

• Do not make yourself an eternal lover. No woman needs a man who can not decide whether he wants to be with you or not.

• Enthusiasm Arrives: The men loved Audrey for their hearty, honest laughter. Show him that you have fun!

• And the most important piece of advice from Audrey: Believe in yourself and never lose sight of your goal - because most goals are reached by detours. So never give up!

Audrey's golden rules

1. Always apply mascara as soon as you go to the door.

2. Watch for an upright walk and straight posture: chin up, shoulders back, back straight.

3. Only wear clothes that are really perfect.

4. Do not talk too loud. Silent sounds generate attention. Who yells, squeals or squeaks, generates aversion.

5. Respect your counterpart and never lose the mastery.

6. Be generous.

7. Keep a rumor or a secret entrusted to you.

8. Forgive others!

9. Take a look in the mirror - even from behind - before you leave the house.

10. Put a smile on your lips!

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About Audrey

Audrey Hepburn was born on 4 May 1929 in Belgium. In 1945 she moved to London, where she completed a ballet training and danced from 1951 on Broadway, where she was discovered for Hollywood. She made a total of 28 films, including "Breakfast at Tiffany" (1961), and was married twice. On 20.1.1993 the Oscar winner and mother of two sons died in Geneva.

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