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Officially confirmed: Michael Schumacher is awake

Michael Schumacher is awake.
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There is news! Michael Schumacher should be awake. How he really is, we know more.

For more than five months we are waiting for this news: Michael Schumacher is awake! He has already left the clinic in Grenoble! His family is with him!

"Michael has left CHU Grenoble to continue his long rehabilitation phase and is no longer in a coma, and his family would like to thank all of the doctors, nurses, and therapists in Grenoble, as well as the first responders at the scene of the accident did an excellent job in these first months ", is the official statement of Sabine Kehm.

Almost six months ago, Michael Schumacher crashed while skiing in the French Alps in Méribel. For months he was in a coma, was in so-called awake phases. Now he has woken up!

At least as moving, the last press conference of the German national team. Lukas Podolski, speaking on behalf of the entire team, said: " Once again, I would like to greet a good friend, who unfortunately can not be there. (...) And here we, myself and the team of the DFB, would like to continue to put a lot of energy into his family And maybe he'll be able to see some of our matches, and if we win the title then it's a piece that will make him happy too. "

And if our DFB-Elf fights for Michael Schumacher, then we do too. You can do it, Schumi!