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Muscle breakup due to skinny jeans: fashion that makes you sick

They're skin tight and that's the problem: skinny jeans can make you sick. That's exactly what happened to an Australian now.

How dangerous are skinny jeans actually?
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The 35-year-old was brought to a clinic with heavily swollen calves. Diagnosis: Muscle resolution due to too tight skinny jeans.

The young woman came to a hospital in Adelaide with heavily swollen calves. The legs, however, were warm and well supplied with blood. And her toes could move her as well. Her ankles, however, did not respond to tests. To examine the woman at all, the doctors had to cut her out of her pants.

The attending physicians explained that she helped a friend move and sat on the floor for hours in a tight skinny jeans . But she had not thought anything, because she could still move normally.

Only on the way home did she suddenly realize that her feet were numb. When she fell, it took hours for the young Australian to be found. She could not get up by herself until then.

In the hospital then the shock: The doctors found an incipient rhabdomyolysis. The muscles of the 35-year-olds began to dissipate. This can be detected by the creatine kinase value. In addition, the nerves on the upper fibula were blocked by the swollen legs.

The Australian got a drip and had to stay in the hospital for four days until the water retention had dissolved. Medics repeatedly warn against the consequences of too tight or wrong clothes. This also applies, for example, to the consequences of high heels.

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