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Kelly Rowland with tattoo

Tattoos of the stars

For her 30th birthday, Kelly Rowland has made a very special gift: She had a tattoo made.

Photo: If, Twitter
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Youthful sin you can not call this tattoo. Kelly Rowland seems to have been thinking hard about what to get her under the skin for, after all, it took her three decades to get under the needle for the first time.

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On February 11, 2011, the former Destiny's Child singer celebrated her 30th birthday, followed five days later by the tattoo premiere in Las Vegas. Her best friend, presenter Alani "Lala" Vazquez, was holding hands - and eagerly photographed the new tattoo for her Twitter account.

On the side arch of Kelly Rowland is now the words "Masterpiece" to read - that's what we call healthy self-assessment.

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