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For sensitive skinSensible skin: This is the right care for your skin type

Sensitive skin needs special care. And we should also give her that.

This is how sensitive skin radiates again
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  1. What needs sensitive skin? Fat or moisture?
  2. Sensitive skin is often damaged
  3. Then you should pay attention to sensitive skin

Especially in the cold days, many of us struggle with easily irritable, reddened skin - these are the distinguishing features of sensitive and dry skin.

What needs sensitive skin? Fat or moisture?

Every skin needs both: fat and moisture. Only the proportion of how your skin needs these ingredients is different. The exact proportion can be determined by a skin analysis.

Even with the beautician you can get advice on what your skin needs. It measures the pH and explains the needs of your skin. This is true not only for the face, but also for the body.

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Sensitive skin is often damaged

Your skin is warm and always red? This indicates a high concentration of skin nerves that react strongly to external stimuli - typical of sensitive skin . If the skin is still dry, this indicates a damaged barrier layer: scents and preservatives, even pollutants from the air or detergent residues in the outfit can then penetrate into the skin and irritate them. Therefore, you should rinse your clothes again after the last wash cycle - so you avoid further irritation.

In addition, a balance between fat and moisture must take place, so that the barrier layer of the skin is strengthened. Proper care can help the skin rebuild and strengthen the skin's protective layer.

Then you should pay attention to sensitive skin

  • Use nourishing additives during showering or bathing so that the skin does not dry out too much.
  • When shaving, always use a shaving cream, so as not to irritate the skin unnecessarily
  • Use mild care to strengthen the skin
  • After bathing in chlorine or salt water, make sure to rinse off the skin for a short time.

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