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SchmuckGlücksarmband: Jewelry with message

Fortune bracelets are supposed to bring good luck - that's what the name suggests. But what do these yogic jewels look like and what exactly is the idea behind it? Here all information and beautiful models.

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Metal or fabric ribbons, metal or stone pendants: There is not one design for a lucky bracelet. Like most other yoga jewelry, there are bracelets in different variations. For example, individual symbols hang on the tape - each one covering a particular area of ​​luck. Others are adorned with crystals and precious stones, which in turn are geared to different desires and themes. And also the way a tie is made can have a certain meaning. An example is a lucky mantra that the man who makes the bracelet recites at each crafting step - and so mantra linked to the bracelet.

Lucky Bracelet: Three examples

Although the emotional value is in the focus, but you can follow the look in your personal taste - after all, the jewelry should also fit you and your look. Here are three nice examples that show how versatile the designs of lucky wristbands are.

Happiness Bracelet

The Happiness bracelet should provide happiness and pleasure for its wearer
Photo: Happinez

Here is the message unmistakable: The Happiness bracelet is to provide happiness and happiness with its wearer. And so that does not fall into oblivion, the word stands on the silver pendant. To the left and right of the bracelet also carries a labradorite, a pearl and a jade bead with engraving. Placed next to each other, they should provide mental balance, mental growth, fertility and relaxation.

Here you will find the Happiness bracelet

The facts:

  • Sterling silver bracelet
  • 2-centimeter sterling silver pendant
  • 1 labradorite, 1 pearl and 1 jade pearl
  • One size fits all

Bracelet Om

The center is the sign of Om
Photo: Happinez

The simple leather bracelet carries triple luck. The center is the sign of Om. To the holy symbol of happiness in the middle are the words "where there is love there is life" (German: "where there is love, there is life") of Mahatma Gandhi circular engraved in the trailer. From the outer edge shows the protective hand of Fatima in the direction of the OMS.

Here you will find the bracelet Om

The facts:

  • Genuine leather strap
  • 2 pendants made of sterling silver
  • 50 centimeters in diameter

Product : Lucky silk bracelets

The tree of life, the wheel of life and the Hamsa or Fatima hand
Photo: Happinez

On these delicate ribbons hang three different symbols of happiness: the tree of life, the wheel of life and the Hamsa or Fatima hand. Each individual should bring luck to the wearer of the bracelet with its meaning in it. The hand of Fatima stands for protection, while the tree of life embodies grounding as force, and the wheel of life symbolizes the cycle of life.

Here you will find the silk bracelets

The facts:

  • hand-stitched silk ribbons
  • Pendant made of 925 sterling silver or gold plated
  • Approximately 48 centimeters

Luck and jewelery: what is behind it?

Of course, a bracelet can not work miracles. Rather, the subject of happiness bracelet and other yogic jewelery is a personal attitude to life. And because you believe in it, too. The bracelet is a tool for you. For example, it reminds you of your intent to be happy and, at best, triggers exactly the hoped-for feeling when you look at it. That's not the only way this works. Also, the energies that are processed in the bracelet play a role. Crystals for example. You may know that certain crystals are for specific topics. For example, if you have a stone to ward off evil energies, your own happiness should remain untouched. If another is to give you balance, that energy will help you to be happy.

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