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seeMe ": This hat can save lives

Photo: bommelMe

Reflective children's hats

Making children visible on the streets in the dark - this is what the bobble hat "seeMe" with its reflective special material can do.

In the morning on the way to school and in the evening of sports or girlfriend's home - in the dark season, children are often out in low visibility on the streets. Often motorists can not see the little ones well - the risk of accidents in traffic is extremely high in children, especially in winter. Classic reflectors, which are attached to the back, just not enough to make children visible from every angle. 'It does not have to be that', thought Mathias and Moritz Menzel from Hanover - and invented the children's cap "seeMe".

What makes the cap (about 30 euros)? It has a bobble, which is placed on the highest point of the child's head and is full of reflective "threads". The small sphere allows visibility up to a distance of 150 meters. In addition there is the logo made of reflective special material which is fixed on the forehead. "The" seeME "cap is a matter of the heart of my brother and I. As new fathers, we simply feel responsible for them", says Mathias Menzel from bommelMe .

The "seeMe", in the form of a trendy beanie hat, is not only protective and preventive, it also has to look cool - it's clear. Meanwhile, there is the children's hat in five different basic colors. The little ones can choose the sound of the respective pomp individually. This can be taken off and replaced.

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