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8 reasons for a new Norwegian pullover

Loose pullover made of coarse knit wool. From Nümph on, about 80 euros.
Photo: Manufacturer

Crazy for knits & colors

The cuddly trend pendant to the summery striped shirt is definitely the Norwegian pullover. Here are eight particularly beautiful specimens from the online shops for pure cuddling and well-being.

Norwegian sweaters are back in fashion. Therefore, you should know to indicate that the eye-catching patterns do not come from Scandinavia.

The new, old hype around the mix of ice crystals, rhombs, stars or elks was born on Fair Isle - a small Scottish island. Later, the pattern was used in Norway to identify the clan.

This fall, the legendary Norwegian pullover is extremely versatile. With cheerful colorful pattern he makes the denim look cozy - in muted colors he is fine for Pencil Skirt and Ankleboots.

And for an extra dose of warmth, you simply put on a lighter, brighter wheelchair! Since we are already at the next trend ...

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