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Build your own furniture - Styling for old suitcases

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Globetrotter out of service

Make old out of old - so handy can be a worn out suitcase. Do not you believe? Well, let yourself be surprised now.

Old suitcases can also settle down. Instead of traveling the world as they used to, they now stand on their own two feet, serving as shelves and keeping bedding in the bedroom. We will tell you how the restyling came about step by step.

Old suitcases reinterpreted - that's what you need:

- 1 old suitcase
- Cordless screwdriver
- MDF boards
- wooden feet
- wood screws
- white acrylic paint
- Paint roller or brush
- Paint tray

Build your own furniture - this is how it's done:

1. measure
To be able to cut the dividing boards for the inner life, first measure the inside of an old suitcase according to height and depth. From the information obtained, the dimensions for the partitions, with which you divide the individual order compartments. Have the desired number of MDF boards cut to size in the DIY store. Of course, if you have a saw, you can also lend a hand yourself. Best to wear protective gloves.

2. Screw on
Place the cut MDF boards at the desired distance in the case. Fix each separation from the outside with two screws on the front and two screws on the back. Our tip: First mark the drill holes using a large geodetic triangle and a pencil, so that the screws are then also at the same distance from each other. The wooden feet are also screwed down. For the case for easier work "turn upside down".

3. Coloring
First, generously cover the worktop with newspaper or painter's foil (hardware store). Put the suitcase on the covered area, open it and paint the inside with a paint roller or a brush. Let it dry. Then paint the outside surfaces with the attached wooden feet with the same acrylic paint and let them dry again. Our tip: If you do not find the color opaque enough, you can apply a second coat after drying. Done is the Umstyling ...

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