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My mini garden: So you can plant fruit and vegetable remains

Do not blow away pineapple remnants, but plant them.
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  1. DIY Food: My recycled vegetable garden
  2. This is how planting works!
  3. ❖ Pineapple:
  4. ❖ Celery:
  5. ❖ ginger:
  6. ❖ Garlic:
  7. ❖ Spring onion:
  8. ❖ Onion:
  9. PS: It's so easy to grow TOMATO:

DIY Food: My recycled vegetable garden

The next time you prepare vegetables and fruits, do not throw away the leftovers, but rather plant them in your garden. So you have less waste, save money and always have fresh vegetables and fruits. All you need is vegetables and fruits and a container of water. Because if the plants form roots before, they can later better plant in the soil.

This is how planting works!

❖ Pineapple:

Cut off the leaves from the fruit, leaving a 3 cm strip of flesh on it. You can then remove the flesh and leave only the stalk in the middle.

Now you have to remove the lower leaves so that the lower part is exposed. Then place the pineapple crown in a glass of water. After 5 days you will see the first sprouts and after three weeks sprout the first roots.

If there are enough roots on the plant, you can plant them. After 1 to 2 years, your pineapple plant will probably bear the first fruits.

❖ Celery:

Cut a 7 cm piece from the root and place it root-down in a glass of water. After three days, the first leaves sprout up.

After 10 days, you can take out the plant to remove the outer rings, so the roots have more room to grow. One week later the celery can be released .

❖ ginger:

Find a root with many nodules and plant them with the approaches upwards. The root should only be slightly covered with soil. Now pour a little more and you have grown ginger. Incidentally, ginger grows best in a pot, in a warm place.

❖ Garlic:

Take the biggest toes the tuber has to offer and peel off the skin around the shoot. Then you put the toes with a distance of 15 cm in the earth. The peeled end looks upwards. Two weeks later, you already see the first green leaves sprout.

❖ Spring onion:

Cut the leek onion 10 cm above the roots and place the root in a container with water. Seek a sunny place for your breeding, because she likes it warm and bright. From the seventh day you can plant your spring onion.

❖ Onion:

Press half an onion root-down into the bed a little bit and pour. So easy to plant an onion. After a few days sprout the first green stems, which can be cut like leeks on the bread or in the salad.

So instead of throwing everything on the compost, you prefer to create your own small vegetable patch from leftovers. That not only tastes good, but also protects the wallet. And always pour everything!

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PS: It's so easy to grow TOMATO:

Author: Winnie Hildebrandt

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