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TV Week is looking for the most beautiful animal photo!

Photo: Sandy Schulze, fotolia

Join in!

Your cat or dog should participate in the big vote? Here we explain how it works ...

The German favorite animals are undisputed the cat and the dog. No wonder, because there is something better than having a purring ball of wool on your lap or romping around with the dog? And that's why we are looking for the most beautiful animal photo of you!

What you need to do to participate in the grand voting and how to upload photos of your pets, we explain here step by step.

Have fun and join in!

And so you can join in: To participate in the big animal photo casting, you have to register in advance.

1. Register

  • This is easy: Click on "Register Now" and you are in 2 steps in the, which includes the forum of the television week.
  • Simply enter a username (without spaces), a password and a valid e-mail address and confirm this by typing the displayed verification code in the field provided.
  • Now just click on "Send registration" and you will receive a confirmation e-mail to the specified e-mail address. By clicking on the link contained in it, you have successfully completed the quick registration process.

2. Upload animal photo

  • Click on the link below "Upload animal photo here " and click on "Add your own post ".
  • Click on "Browse" to upload the animal photo from your hard disk. You can use JPG, PNG or GIF files with a maximum size of 200KByte.
  • Then click on the button "Save article now " and you have already registered your favorite as official participant of our cat contest.