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Touching lines: When a mother gives her child into other hands

The love between mother and her child is one of the strongest.
Photo: youtube / TV Noir

Alin Coe: Other hands

We regularly find funny pictures and emotional videos on the World Wide Web! Today: Unconditional maternal love.

"I'll put you in other hands ." What happens in a mother who gives her baby into another's hands is hard to imagine for many. What moves her to such a step, not to understand. For nine months a mother feels every single step, every movement of her unborn child. Until it finally happens. And you would like to protect the small, delicate creature from the big, big world.

Singer Alin Coe has come across a letter from a mother saying goodbye. It's the letter from a mother who had to put her baby in a baby flap . A letter that touches. Emotional words that give answers to the why. And words that have charmed Alin Coe to a moving song.

The unconditional love of a mother and the hopeless situation of a young woman - all this is what the song is about. It's two minutes that make true life the center of a few lines. Rows that speak from the heart and stir to tears.

What happens in a mother who meets this fate? Maybe the unconditional love for her child. "I put you in a better life."

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