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Living dreams and decoration in precious metal

Decor and metal furniture: cool elegance
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  1. Copper, silver and gold
  2. Every metal has a meaning
  3. The effect of metal as a decoration or furnishing material

Copper, silver and gold

What a gleam in your hut! Now our rooms flash and flash in copper, silver and gold!

May it be something more? After periods of elegant restraint, this year houses and apartments shine in splendor and glory : metal decoration and furnishings are in fashion.

Copper, gold and silver are among the first metals used by humans. Over time, the rare and precious materials gained importance for coins, jewelery and utensils as well as science and medicine.

Every metal has a meaning

We interpret copper as a splendid version of a light reddish brown . In the 17th and 18th centuries, the alchemists used the Venus symbol as a sign of copper: a stylized mirror that stands for the Roman goddess of love and the planet Venus.

Silver has traditionally been associated with the moon and its influence on tides and other processes in nature. We find the shiny version of a greyish white more introverted, more rational, and cooler than gold, symbolizing the sun and its warmth.

The ancient Egyptians even considered gold as part of the sun and attributed to the metal their divine (male) power. Because of its cheerful charisma, the exclusive version of warm yellow is the color of happiness. Their effect is closer to gold and copper than gold and silver. Their base of yellow and reddish brown radiate comfort.

The effect of metal as a decoration or furnishing material

Gold and copper form a noble combination in the living area with velvety blue or earthy and muted tones. Silver unfolds its greatest effect in combination with anthracite or black. But no matter which metal color you choose, use it sparingly. Too much gold deco and furnishings look cheesy, too old copper, too much silver cold. Bring the attention-grabbing tones better to a mix of materials that provides them with a balancing environment, such as dark wood, plain fabrics, coarse knits, felt or fur. Then you can shine with your device rightly!