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Holidays with children: Stress-free travel with the little ones

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In the car, in the train or on the plane

If you start well prepared, you can look forward to a great holiday with the children right from the start. We tell you what to think about when traveling with children.

No matter how old the children are and with which means of transport you go on vacation: the most important things should always be at hand.

ID is required

Children of all ages need their own children's passport or biometric passport when traveling abroad. You should apply for this in good time at the responsible registration office.

Ensure employment

Of course, the favorite toy is on the way. It distracts from boredom and lets time pass in no time. A cuddly toy ensures peace and relaxation.

Tying up toys

In the car are for children under 12 years and up to a size of 150 centimeters child seats mandatory. Tie toys to it, it can not be lost on the way.

Let off steam

Especially younger children are more balanced on long trips, if you stop in between at a rest area with playground and they can really let off steam.

Mint makes you happy

Many older children feel sick when driving. In contrast, mints or ginger biscuits help. Sun visors on the rear windows provide shade for the little passengers in the back seat.

Save on the rail

By train, the whole family is relaxed on vacation . There are also affordable family offers: children under 15 years of age travel with their parents or grandparents free of charge.

Special compartments

With babies or kindergarten children you reserve the best places in the infant compartment. Changing tables are available in almost all long-distance trains, but as a precaution you should have a disposable changing mat in your hand luggage.

Seat at the table

Great for older children are places with a table: Here they can spread their painting and toys. Audiobooks also provide entertainment.

Check in first

Especially with babies and small children, a pre-check-in makes sense. You can be the first to enter the machine and take your seats in peace and quiet.

Baby food on board

Baby food that is consumed on board is not covered by the safety regulations and may be taken along. The cabin crew helps to warm the vials.

Take emergency picnic

If the suitcase accidentally goes somewhere else: Pack your laundry and baby milk powder in your carry-on bag for two days. For older and grown-up snacks come with, for. B. cereal bar.