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Colorful summer feeling with the gladiolus

Their flowers are particularly characteristic on both sides of the conspicuously long and sturdy stem, which appear in various nuances from white to red to violet.

True beauty in the vase

The gladiolus symbolizes strength, victory and pride and embodies this meaning with its impressive size and upright posture.

The gladiolus is undoubtedly one of the most colorful and impressive cut flowers. The reason for this is their impressive height of up to 1.50 meters and their close-growing flowers on both sides of the stalk. The variety of flower color also makes it easy to find a suitable gladiolus decoration for every taste and every style of living: White, yellow, orange, red, pink or purple, the color palette of the onion flower ranges from delicate pastel shades to bright, intense colors,

Anyone who wants a special flower design outside the classic vase can be imaginative with boxes and floral foam. Here foam blocks soaked in water are placed in decorative boxes and the freshly cut gladioli stalks along with other flower types are put in at will - finished with a very individual, summery floral design, in which the floral foam should only be moistened in between.

In order to stage gladioli, there are no limits to creativity. Due to their length, they are particularly effective in large floor vases. Several stained flowers in the same color tone-on-tone, a colorful mix or even a combination with other summer flowers and long grasses: A gladiolus ensemble in the vase is always an impressive appearance and creates pure summer feeling.

Easy-care beauties

Gladiolas are one of the most uncomplicated onion flowers. To reach full flowering power, the topmost bud on the gladioli stems should be removed. In this way, all buds are supplied more evenly and the gladioli stay fresh longer overall without letting their heads hang. In addition, gladioli need a lot of water. The water level in the vase should therefore be checked daily and - if necessary - filled up with fresh water. The location is a cool, not too sunny place at a safe distance to a heater or fruit bowl.

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