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Diether Thomas Kuhn takes on Roland Kaiser and Guildo Horn

Dieter Thomas Kuhn goes his own way.
Photo: imago / Andreas Weihs

"Sing hair dryer" very self-confident

Confidently you can call it - or arrogant. Schlageringer Dieter Thomas Kuhn (47) revealed in an interview what he really thinks about the competition - and it did not come off really well.

Just in time for the launch of his new album "Hier ist das Leben", Dieter Thomas Kuhn speaks at "" in an interview and chatted there not only about music. By the way, he distributed small side blows give Roland Kaiser (60) and Guildo Horn (49).

Dieter Thomas Kuhn, who is very successful in the cover-up of Schlager music, has so far renounced songs by Roland Kaiser . "But I also do not know exactly what this is to justify, whether we really feel that the quality of the songs is not the truth, or whether we just do not like it, " jokes Kuhn.

Guildo Horn, who actually appeals to a similar target group as Dieter Thomas Kuhn, does not consider the "singing hair drier" Kuhn as a competitor. But at least it was with him "actually always very nice".

That raises the question of what Dieter Thomas Kuhn has, which Roland Kaiser and Guildo Horn do not have. Competition is actually reviving the business. Is Dieter Thomas Kuhn simply unrivaled? He can now take the proof. The new album is now available in stores.