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Sustainable fashion for tomorrow: The best labels for vegan clothing

Vegan clothing is chic and fair produced - both fits perfectly together. The pieces that we have picked out for you score especially in terms of design and function.

Living mindfulness also means shopping sustainably. In the article you will learn how good that looks - we introduce you to three great labels for vegan clothing!
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Sustainability is the trend - and we think that's great. Feeling that buying the latest "It-Pieces" every two weeks is not only bad for the wallet but also for the environment. Much better: to invest in fashionable pieces that score points through quality, longevity and fair production .

We find what is good, we should share. And that's exactly why we want to introduce you labels with the label "vegan", which produce pretty, practical, special and just vegan clothes and fashionable pieces. Not only do they look good, they also feel the same when you use them!

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Please note: These 3 labels produce vegan clothing

The label Studio Kolektif

Studio Kolektif makes modern and stylish yoga clothes . But this looks so good that you can dare in the leggings quite into the public - to do some shopping for example. And one that feels so comfortable and feels like a second skin, that we just love to relax in it. The clothes are produced sustainably, from natural and predominantly recycled materials.

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The label was founded in 2016 by a Stockholm couple, who now give yoga lessons on Bali . The philosophy of Studio Kolektif is thoroughly minded - and we like that personally very well: The label attaches importance to every step of the production of his clothes being sustainable, considerate and fair.

In addition, something is to be returned - a dollar of the price of each piece sold is donated to a school for children and adolescents with mental disabilities .

WUNDERWEIB vegan clothing studio Kolektif

We have selected two of our favorites from Studio Kolektif : a super comfortable and high quality processed jumpsuit and a cuddly body that you can wear for yoga as well as in everyday life .

The label Flattered

The Swedish label Flattered produces high-quality shoes - and since 2017 in addition to leather shoes also 100 percent vegan-made foot escort. In terms of material, these are leather alternatives without solvents, which is in no way inferior to the longevity of genuine leather. And by the way not in appearance either.

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How to recognize the vegan models of Flattered ? On the wine red shoe lining. The lace ballerina "Irina" we like it very much - because of the high, very stylish neckline. The loafer "Norma" has made it to our favorites list because of its crocodile look . We really can not imagine any outfit that does not look great on this shoe. Bet ?!

WUNDERWEIB Vegan Clothes Flattered

3. Vegan clothing: the label Kuratist

Strictly speaking, Kuratist does not produce any clothes, but very special accessories for mobile phones and laptops. In addition to a cotton fabric, the Hamburg label uses washable and tear-resistant paper to make its bags and pouches. From the optics , this paper is reminiscent of leather.

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A post shared by Handcrafted Tech Accessories (@curatist) on Nov 24, 2017 at 4:23 PST

It goes specifically: Each product is limited and handmade. Thus, the trendy patterned products by Kuratist are also a really great present. Of course, you can also give yourself - for example, with these laptop bags. Personally, we find them so chic that we would also use them as evening handbags. Stand a clutch but in no way, right?

WUNDERWEIB Vegan Clothes Kuratist-Hamburg

Incidentally, Kuratist also produces vegan mobile phone cases. We like these patterns best:

WUNDERWEIB Vegan Clothes Kuratist-Hamburg phone pockets

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