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Dirndl & Co. Flower wreath hair - the most beautiful models for dirndl

A flower wreath for the hair fits perfectly with the dirndl. Whether half-open, as a boho headband, as a headband, opulent or subtle - we show the most beautiful flower crowns for hair to order.

Also this year, floral corsets will once again wear dirndls as an accessory.
Photo: iStock / Kajdi Szabolcs

The essentials in brief:

  • Floral decoration in your hair is not only something for little girls - whether festival, Oktoberfest or summer party: Flower wreaths in the hair are pure summer feeling!
  • Artificial flowers can now compete with real flowers and offer a huge selection
  • Flower wreaths for artificial flower hair are reusable
  • Whether on a braided hair wreath or on natural waves - a flower wreath fits all hairstyle types

The most beautiful floral wreaths for hair to order

Flower wreath Boho - Mauve flower crown

Price: EUR 15, 49
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This delicate flower wreath is best combined with gray, pink, red or pink dirndl dresses. The wreath is beautifully compact and you adjust the flower crown by a silk ribbon. It is light and comfortable to wear and looks natural and filigree.

That he sits very well and holds in color, what he promises, the many positive reviews like this show: " The wreath is just as big as shown in the pictures." Unfortunately, he was very flattened pressed, but after some forms he is real okay.

The flowers are of the colors exactly as can be seen on the images and he is really beautiful, because you can adjust it well with the band. He does not quite go around the head, but only just behind the ears ".

The details:

  • Color: mauve, delicate pink and pink tones
  • Special features: Individual size adjustment by a silk ribbon, 100 percent handmade
  • Rating: Amazon's Choice product and 4.1 out of 5 Amazon stars
  • Cost: About 16 euros

Headband - Pretty flowers to attach

Price: EUR 13.95
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Put it on and off you go. Decorated with roses, leaves and flowers, the hairband Saabia is a real eye-catcher. The intense, bright red does not fit with your dirndl? No problem! It is also available in other colors for ordering.

An enthusiastic customer writes: " Beautiful, well processed and comfortable headband, which I have worn for three days in each case several hours to Oktoberfest.The color is like in the photos, looks neither cheap nor cheesy fits perfectly with the Dirndl.

The details:

  • Color: Intense red - flowers and buds in combination with green leaves
  • Rating: Amazon's Choice Product of 4 out of 5 stars
  • Cost: About 14 euros
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Flower wreath apricot - opulent headband

Price: EUR 19.90
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It may be a bit more lush? We would be with the flower head flower meadow? Dreamlike natural meadow flowers in a delicate apricot hue bring us into raptures. Especially nice: The flowers look amazingly real and the headband does not press even when worn for a long time.

How comfortable he is to wear, writes this customer: " Totally pretty and a super quality. Also firmly on the head, without unpleasant to squeeze I would buy again ".

The details:

  • Color: apricot, delicate yellow in combination with natural, green leaves
  • Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars
  • Cost: About 20 euros

Flower wreath colorful - Satin flowers to fall in love with

Price: EUR 29, 90 Buy at Amazon Ad

The pretty flower wreath of Moschen-Bayern is fresh and uncomplicated. The headband with the colorful wildflowers is the perfect jewelery for your dirndl. With a sensational 5 out of 5 stars the haarif is rated fantastic.

How beautiful the flower wreath is in nature, describes a customer on Amazon so: " A very beautiful hair jewelry Looks great and has very nice colors., Makes itself very well to Tracht. Was a good buy ."

The details:

  • Color: predominantly pink, red, pink or cream
  • Special features: High quality satin flowers
  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
  • Cost: About 30 euros

Flower wreath hair - Beautiful bridal jewelry for wedding

Especially in southern Germany, more and more brides come in traditional dirndl in front of the altar. Usually they choose delicate cream or pastel shades and like to decorate their bridal hairstyle with a flower wreath in her hair.

Real flowers are naturally very nice. Meanwhile, there are also fantastic alternatives made of artificial flowers, which can be ideally integrated into an elaborate hairstyle. Here are some nice models to choose from:

Headband with pink and white rose petals

Price: EUR 12.59
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Natural and subtle - the flower wreath by Winslet goes very well with the traditional dirndl in light creme or champagne tones. He fits perfectly with the braid hairstyle as well as the open-ended hair.

The details:

  • Coloring: creamy, and pink blossoms with green leaves
  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
  • Cost: About 14 euros

Floral wreath with integrated veil

Price: EUR 33, 88 Buy at Amazon Ad

You dream of a vintage wedding in the countryside? Then maybe this delicate and natural flower wreath with integrated veil will fit as an accessory?

The details:

  • Materials: fabric, rattan and soft yarn
  • Special features: Tender wreath with integrated veil
  • Cost: About 34 euros

Flower wreath hair - Pretty jewelry for young girls

Headband with delicate flowers

RRP: EUR 16.90 Price: EUR 9.90
Buy at Amazon ad

Just cute. This delicate flower wreath by dressfan, young girls wear like a headband and it is available in three different shades on Amazon.

The details:

  • Color: pink, pink flowers
  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
  • Cost: About 10 euros

Boho headband with white rose petals

RRP: Price: EUR 8.66
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This headband with white rose petals in mini shape is also excellent for young girls summer dress.

The details:

  • Color: white flowers
  • Cost: About 9 euros

Floral wreath with mini roses

Price: EUR 3, 95 Buy at Amazon Ad

The flower hairband Bella with small roses is a magical jewelry for young girls. In contrast to the headband, the headband does not press the young ladies while wearing them.

As an avid customer writes: " I got it for my three-year-old daughter for carnival, the rubber band does not push it behind the ears, nor is it as rigid as a headband, thanks to the neutral design it is perfect for the whole year".

The details:

  • Color: Red mini florets
  • Rating: 3.8 out of 5 stars
  • Cost: About 4 euros
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Flower wreath hair - the meaning

He is the classic hair accessory: the flower wreath. Whether in hippy fashion, as a medieval maiden wreath or as the headdress of a Greek goddess - the tradition of the flower wreath as a hair ornament is as old as humanity itself and especially adorns the heads of young women.

What do we associate with a flower wreath in the hair?

Freedom, fertility and the bond with nature - this symbolizes this hair accessory and has now become a solid trend and also worn by many celebrities.

Fun Fact

In 1840, when Queen Victoria of England gave her "yes" to Prince Albert, she wore a simple floral bouquet of orange blossom in her hair. She completely renounced royal splendor in the form of a silver tiara.

We also wear the flower wreath

  • For the summer dress at the next party
  • As bridal jewelry for white wedding dress
  • At the Oktoberfest for a headdress for a dirndl - for braiding or open hair
  • As a bridesmaid - matching the color of the dress
  • At festivals
  • Simply according to your mood
Blumenkranz für die Haare – die schönsten Modelle zum Dirndl
Handmade silk flowers look amazingly real, which you can wear as a flower wreath in your hair and wear comfortably.
Photo: iStock / hurricanehank

Flower wreath hair - hairstyles that match the dirndl

A loose bun in the neck, a traditional braided hairstyle or rather easy waves? For all hairstyle variants, a flower wreath fits into the hair. Here is a tutorial for a Dutch braid.

Beauty braids: How to make yourself a Dutch braid

Flower wreath hair - Pretty idea for the JGA

Whether for a wedding or a hen party - a floral wreath for your hair is a beautiful and special piece of jewelery for these occasions. Either you choose a finished wreath with high quality silk flowers or you surprise your girlfriend with a self-woven flower wreath.

Ideally, you choose materials that last a long time and do not wither so quickly. A beautiful, natural bouquet with lots of green, for example, consists of eucalyptus, gypsophila and optionally some thyme or sage. St. John's wort (Rosa hypericum) takes care of the color kick.

The craft utensils for this:

  • A garden or household scissors
  • Craft or florist wire
  • A satin ribbon to tie the flower wreath
Blumenkranz für die Haare – die schönsten Modelle zum Dirndl
With greenery, a floral wreath in the hair looks quite natural and is also as a jewelery for bridal gown a beautiful accessory.
Photo: iStock / Kharichkina

Conclusion to the flower wreath for the hair

Flower wreaths, whether woven with lush peonies or delicate daisies, look romantic, playful and girlish. We therefore like to wear it as a dirndl or on ceremonies as a bridesmaid or bride ourselves. Handmade wreaths made of silk flowers are now made so realistic that they look amazingly real. Your advantage: The arrangement of the flowers is almost perfect, the precious flowers do not wither and unpleasant leaves twigs and do not scratch the head.

Whether you prefer your floral wreath to a loose boho headband or a solid hair band depends on the style of your dress. Both variants are pretty and depending on hairstyle and occasion to select. A loose headband looks casually playful on open hair. A hairband with flowers, on the other hand, fits very well on a braid to a dirndl.

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