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Summery fruit plate to make yourself

This plate looks to bite
Photo: deco & style

Now it is getting exotic

To bite: On these original fruit plates you present kiwis and other fruits in a particularly tasteful way. Must imitate!

What you need for the fruit plate:

  • Computer and inkjet printer
  • Ceramic foil "Avery Zweckform My Design" for inkjet (eg Saturn)
  • Plate
  • brown porcelain paint pen (eg from Rico Design about idea)
  • scissors
  • Iron
  • baking paper
  • Small bowl of water
  • soft cloth

And that's how easy it is:

1. Search the Internet for a suitable subject. Then print the design on the coated side of the transfer film with the inkjet printer (copy shop). It is important that the motif is printed mirror-inverted, so that it can be seen laterally on the plates.

2. Place the printed side of the transfer film on the coated, glossy side of the carrier film.

3. Iron with the iron over the foils. Tip: Switch off steam function of the iron and cover the film with baking paper.

4. Press the iron on the film for about 4 seconds without moving it.

5. Turn the slides over and press the iron again for 4 seconds.

6. Let the slides cool down and cut out the motif exactly.

7. Place the slides in lukewarm water for about a minute. This will release the motif from the slide and can be placed on the desired spot. The plate should be dry and clean for this.

8. Wipe off the remaining moisture with a soft cloth, then allow the subject to dry for at least 1 hour.

9. Paint the rim of the plate with brown porcelain paint.

10. Burn the dishes at about 160 degrees for about half an hour on a medium rail in the oven. To cool the dishes can remain in the oven. Tip: If it is taken out anyway, it should not be placed on cold metal plates, otherwise it would be too

Note: According to the manufacturer's instructions, the plate with the motif is dishwasher safe. To play it safe, one should rather rinse the plate by hand with stress cracks could come.