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Feel goodFrom these fabrics, the best cuddly sweaters are knitted

No matter if cashmere, cotton and lambswool: Our cuddly sweaters will never freeze you again - and all this with a maximum of cosiness!

Never again without cuddly pullover!
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No matter for what reason you have earned the name "frostbite" from your family and your friends - your loved ones do not know what privilege this brings. That's because you've earned yourself the lifelong right to wear your very favorite cuddly sweater around the clock . Yes, if you want, even at family parties.

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Why do I need a cuddly jumper ?

Actually quite obvious, but just a quick reminder of what such a pullover actually has all the advantages:

  • Warms the whole year reliably
  • Replaces temporarily missing or expelled cuddle partners
  • Relax at the next PMS abdominal cramp
  • Gives your chic office style some casualness
  • Makes every 3 kilo extra pasta ice cream scat disappear

But sweater is of course not the same as sweaters. If it needs to be cuddly, it needs the right fabrics. That's why we present you the three best materials from which your next cuddly sweater could be made.

You will find our top selection of cuddly sweaters made of the best materials in the Wunderweib shop and in the article:

WUNDERWEIB-cuddly sweaters

The best 3 fabrics for your cuddly sweater


Cashmere is one of the finest fabrics in the world. Why? Because he is so rare . The fine wool is won from the undercoat of the cashmere goat. But that only grows during particularly long and cold winters. In the spring, the wool is combed out - a very elaborate process that makes the yarn so special exclusive.

Because the extra fine hairs can warm the little goats well , cashmere wool is perfect as a yarn for your cuddly sweater.

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The jumper collection by Swedish designer Cecilia Blankens relies on cashmere from Italy. The cut of our favorite model "The Klara" is classic, restrained and not least by the choice of materials very noble. No matter how you style the sweater, the coziness is always in the foreground.

The cuddly sweater is available in the colors "Sandy Beige" and "Gray".

WUNDERWEIB-cuddly sweaters cashmere


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A pullover made of lamb wool keeps you warm and - the benefits of a self-made copy of grandma - he does not scratch. The lamb's wool is so gentle that itching can be virtually ruled out. With "The Kerstin" by Blankens you can also conjure some color in addition to fine wool in your gray everyday life.

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"The Kerstin" can be skilfully combined with a leggings for a casual weekend look or worn elegantly with black jeans under the winter coat. No matter how you like it - the main thing is warm and comfortable!

WUNDERWEIB-cuddly sweater-lambswool-turquoise

Incidentally, for Blankens boss Cecilia, knit sweaters mean above all one thing ... coziness:

They were more relaxed, at ease ".

WUNDERWEIB-cuddly sweater-lambswool-pink


Of course, the classic of all fabrics must not be missing: cotton. For those who prefer to do without animal fiber but still do not want to freeze, this is a great alternative. Which is also cuddly ! Another great advantage is that the fabric is very easy to care for and can easily go into the washing machine . Since a cuddle sweater has to survive various ice cream adventures, that's pretty handy.

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Especially comfortable is the Hoodie Chin by Hey Honey made of 100% high quality cotton. He still has some extras that qualify him as a cuddly sweater : an oversized hood and front pocket for your hands. Thanks to oversize cut, you can crawl into it - either at the end of the yoga class while relaxing or just watching TV on the couch at home.

You can buy the Hoodie Chin in different colors:

WUNDERWEIB-cuddly sweater-cotton

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